Lovesh Vyas- The Lake City Boy who stood against All the Odds To Achieve his Dreams

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You must have heard this quote somewhere or the other that – When Life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade out of it. And today we exactly bring you a story that will show you how to actually make a lemonade. Not literally, but yes Today we bring you a story that will show you how to face challenges in your life, how to write your destiny after being thrown down at various stages of your life. Today we bring you the story of Lovesh Vyas.

Lovesh Vyas is an Indian model actor and influencer who is known for his confident and bold personality and his fitness. he was born in Udaipur and did his education from there only. Lovesh since childhood was always more attracted towards sports rather than studies. He had a huge interest in cricket. Since he was a cricket freak he started playing cricket at an early age and started representing his school at various levels. He then decided that he would become a professional cricketer and also played various leagues around the country. But an unfortunate incident halted this beautiful journey. During practice, Vyas broke both his legs and the doctors said that he would not be able to play again. The doctors had even said that it he would face difficulty in walking for the rest of the life. But as it is said you can break bones but you can’t break a spirit. Same was the case with Vyas. He didn’t loose hope and did everything to recover fast. He stood up again, and started focusing on his fitness. He then started taking modelling projects owing to his fitness and physique. But still Vyas had something he wanted to achieve. He wanted to achieve something big, something that he and his parents would be proud of.And that came in 2019, after being signed to RK casting, Lovesh started taking part in various model competitions around the world. And the first major victory came in the form of him winning the second runner up prize at Apex Mi’s Mr and Miss Model of India 2019 event. In the same year Vyas went on to win a second runner up prize for Sandy Joel’s Mr. Universe Competition as well.Then success of Vyas knew no bounds as he started getting various offers from the Entertainment industry as well. He has acted in various commercials and music videos as well. Vyas was the lead star in T Series’ Murder Beekay Song that was shot in Delhi itself.He still says that every accomplishment still feels like a dream for him, but he also asserts that he has worked day and night to achieve them. With more than 30K followers on Instagram, Vyas is also a social media influencer and gives beneficial tips regarding fashion and fitness. He says that his next target is to win both the competitions in which he stood second runner up and is working harder than ever to achieve them. Lovesh is the perfect example to portray hardwork, determination and perseverance in a plate. The journey is itself remarkable and inspirational. We wish Lavesh all the best for his all future endeavours.