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Lucky Akhand: Google celebrates Bangladeshi singer-composer’s 63rd Birthday with doodle



Lucky Akhand Google Doodle

Search engine giant Google has made another Doodle on its homepage, denoting the 63rd birth anniversary of famous Bangladeshi singer and composer Lucky Akhand.

Who is Lucky Akhand

Lucky Akhand was born on 7 June 1956 in Dhaka. Lucky Akhand was a Bangladeshi singer-composer. He was related with the melodic band Happy Touch. He formed and offered vocal to songs including Ei Neel Monihar, Abar Elo Jey Shondhya and Amaye Deko Na. He served as the music director of Bangladeshi national radio network Bangladesh Betar.

He created and sung numerous popular Bangla melodies.

Lucky Akhand
Bangladeshi singer-composer Lucky Akhand

Lucky Akhand’s Career

Lucky Akhand began his career with self-titled solo album Lucky Akhand in 1984 under the banner of Sargam. Some of the outstanding songs of that album are “Agey Jodi Jantam”, “Amay Dekona”, “Mamonia”, “Ei Neel Monihar” and “Hridoy Amar”. He formed melodies for the album of his sibling in which “Abar Elo Je Sondha” and “Ke Bashi Bajaire” sung by Happy Akhand, “Shadhinota Tomake Niye” and “Pahari Jhorna” sung by Happy Akhand and himself and “Nil Nil Shari Pore” and “Hothat Kore Bangladesh” sung by himself are notable songs. Lucky was the music composer and furthermore offered vocal to “Abar Elo Je Sondha” (primary vocal was by Happy Akhand) and different melodies in the Bangla film named Ghuddi in 1980.

Lucky Akhand stopped his career after the demise of his more youthful sibling Happy Akhand in 1987. He returned after a decade with two albums named Porichoy Kobe Hobe and Bitrishna Jibone Amar in 1998. Porichoy Kobe Hobe was his second solo album and the remake of his brother Happy Akhand’s solo album. Bitrishna Jibone Amar was a band and modern mix album. Six singers James, Ayub Bachchu, Hasan, Kumar Biswajit, Tapan Chowdhury, and Samina Chowdhury sang together in this album. Around the same time, he created a duet album named Ananda Chokh with the lyrics of Golam Morshed and under the banner of Soundtrack.

Lucky Akhand composed a solo album of Samina Chowdhury named Amay Dekona in 1999. He likewise composed the melody “Hridoyer Durdine Jacche Khora” for the album Dekha Hobe Bondhu by the band ARK. He composed another mixed album after 2000. The album was named Tomar Oronne. Bappa Mazumder, Nipu, Fahmida Nabi and Lucky Akhand contributed 10 songs. He utilized contemporary rhythm, folk fusion and his always favorite Spanish fusion in that album.

Some of his prominent melodies are “Abar Elo Jey Shondhya”, “Amaye Deko Na”, “Ke Bashi Bajaire”, “Shadhinota Tomake Niye”, “Pahari Jhorna”, “Nil Nil Shari Pore” and “Hothat Kore Bangladesh”.

Lucky Akhand died at 60 years old on 21 April 2017. He was buried at Martyred Intellectuals Graveyard in Mirpur.

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