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Luhaif Digitech understands the purpose of your non-profit organization and works accordingly to get your services known to the entire world: Saif Ahmad Khan, Founder, Luhaif Digitech.



Saif Ahmad Khan, Founder, Luhaif Digitech.

Digital Marketing has become the buzzword referral this time, where every other field is now being associated with it. Similar is its effect in the field of social work and servitude which has upgraded to a next level with the invention of digital marketing to it. Successful digital marketing includes getting your messages to the right audience and stimulating their area of interest so that they are tempted to visit your website, Facebook presence, and other digital resources such as YouTube videos to find out more.

“The non-profit landscape has changed substantially in the last few years. The days are gone when organizations used to rely solely on traditional methods to engage supporters and raise money from potential donors. Today, it’s not enough to simply make phone calls, post mails, or market your events. Rather, non-profits need to be highly innovative in their approach and activities” Saif Ahmad Khan, Founder, Luhaif Digitech.

Luhaif Digitech a full-service digital agency that affiliates with different social organisations to build their brand equity by using the digital landscape to generate donations, enhance word-of-mouth, and therefore, providing the ROI driven results and building lasting associations. In today’s world, chances are high that digital marketing influences your choice. Non-Profit organizations can access bigger audiences through digital, and it is effective in helping them to engage with potential donors for relatively low cost and divert more funds towards tangible change. For the last 8 years, the company has been helping several small- and large-sized nonprofits organizations to raise funds and making them aware about the technologies that can be used for the same.


They have been curating engaging and high-quality content for different platforms like blogs & social media posts. Their main focus is on spreading awareness that also defines the mission and vision of your NGO. Their team of experts helps NGOs in the Optimization of the website and make sure that people discover your organization and search engines crawl your website effectively.

Similarly, one of the crucial areas where you should focus your attention in 2022 for your non-profit organization is social media. Creating social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, is essentially the first step toward connecting with new donors, engaging supporters, and garnering awareness about your nonprofit brand in the digital world. Luhaif Digitech helps in the setting up of your social media presence and leverages your online presence to achieve key organizational goals, such as raising donations, recruiting volunteers, or building networks.


Founder of Luhaif Digitech, Saif Ahmad Khan is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. During his occupation at different non-profit organizations for 12 years he has managed numerous strategic and organizational projects and participated as project manager, business development manager in the development of the organizations. Inspired by the passion, courage, and brilliance of his friends as well as his own love for helping underprivileged & differently-abled children and following their dreams, he started a non-profit organization, Save The Quest during his college days.

Now after almost 8 years, he has successfully launched the ‘Save The Quest’ application. They have been tirelessly working towards this application. The application aims to inform the volunteers and visually impaired people about the volunteering opportunities, which will lead to the spread of the volunteering attitude in the society for the welfare of the visually impaired people.

India is now home to the world’s largest number of blind people. Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India. Both the website and the application have a tab which will enable the volunteers to feed in their profile along with their pin code. When a request is made, it is matched by the pin code of both parties. So, if a person from Delhi makes a request, then all the scribes from the Delhi area will be notified. And once the request is accepted by either of the parties, the details of the scribe will be sent to the student or vice-versa. If selected, the scribe then proceeds to the next step. They will be required to take a test which will analyze their quality. A personal meeting between the two parties is important as this process would help bring in an element of trust between the student and the scribe. “In a world where we’ve become self-centered, it is reassuring that humanity still exists around us. Moved by the condition of visually impaired people, my only goal in life has been to help those in need, added Saif Ahmad Khan”.

By making the best use of the latest technology, nonprofits can be way more effective and impactful than before. Whether you are a small or big nonprofit, you can save thousands, boost your brand awareness, increase the number of donors, and promote your causes all day, every day using digital marketing tools and methods.

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