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Majed Veysel shares 5 insights from his experience to encourage budding architects to succeed



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The work of creating something from nothing is always inspirational. It is the motivation that an artist needs to make their mark in this world. Majed Veysel is one such artist who has made a name for himself worldwide through his work. A renowned architect and photographer, he is particularly well-known for his stark black-and-white photography that truly stands out in the area of architectural photography. Here, he shares five tips to help aspiring architects build lasting legacies.

Getting started

The chance to study in one of the best architecture schools might be tough, but studying and becoming an architect is easy. The real struggle comes afterwards. “In school, you are full of creative ideas, getting inspired and full of energy, but once you come out, actually putting all your knowledge on paper is quite difficult. But if you overcome that, you will succeed easily,” said Veysel.

Love your work

This is an artistic endeavor. No matter how hard you try, inspiration is a key player here. But, unless you love what you do, this will become a boring, tedious job, which can be dangerous. So make sure you love being an architect before setting out.

Be sociable

“An architect needs to be outgoing. You must be in all places at once and exude success and talent. Meet with other talents and masters and learn continuously. Make sure you know what your client needs before you set out to work,” said Veysel. Making successful contacts is a crucial part of any business, and architecture is no exception.

Don’t burn out

You will get used to staying late nights working or getting up very early in the morning when you are in college, but that won’t work when you set up your business and offer services to clients. Pacing yourself and working in a comfortable, well-rested setting is going to be more critical than ever for you.

Seek the company of your betters

It is almost too easy to become lost amid the humdrum of life. Slowly, you’ll find yourself losing your touch. Inspiration will dry up, and you will be left wondering what to do next. “It’s important to have people of like minds around you. They not only inspire you, but they bring you up with them,” said Veysel.

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