Matthew Signer Talks About His Most Successful Movie Ventures

Matthew Signer Talks About His Most Successful Movie Ventures

Children are crazy about Spy Kids. They even love its animated series, Spy Kids: Mission Critical. On the other hand, many adults like horror movies, such as Scream 4, Amityville: The Awakening, and 47 Meters Down. These movies and series have one thing in common, even though they belong to different genres. They all were overseen by studio executive, Matthew Signer. Matt is a film and television buff who figured out a way to turn his passion into a successful career.

Matt’s experience in movies

He wanted to be a part of the movie industry from a very young age.  His first stint on a movie set was when he worked as a set production assistant on a film called Heights. That gave him exposure to what making movies is all about. But he wanted to get closer to the greenlight process.  So he got a job working as a temporary receptionist at Miramax Films and worked his way up the company. 

After a number of years, Matt became the Executive Vice President of Dimension Films. He got to work on many films and television shows in his time there.  He oversaw Wes Craven’s Scream 4, the Scream television show for MTV, The Mist TV show, APOLLO 18, the indie hit 47 Down and many, many more.  Then he became the Head of Film at Awesomeness where he produced or executive produced Spontaneous, The Perfect Date, and The F*ck-It List.  After Awesomeness, he went on to become a Senior Content Executive at Quibi, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s startup where he oversaw almost half of the scripted titles for the launch.

What gives Matt happiness and satisfaction?

Many people often question Matt whether he is happy with his volume of work or with the project he works on. He says, “I am very selective about my projects. I now have nearly two decades of experience in this industry, so I hope I have a pretty good sense of which projects have potential.  I often try to find that really great concept that draws people in.  Everything usually starts from that.”  

“Then it’s all about putting the film together in the best way possible. From perfecting the script to finding the best director to selecting the best cast, each different step in the process is incredibly important. You never truly know if a film is going to work, but sometimes, you have to take a risk.”

Matt loves facing challenges and helping filmmakers tell entertaining stories. Due to his never-give-up attitude and sheer passion for filmmaking, he has turned into one of the most promising executive producers in the industry.