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Meet the founder of Media Network – Dr. Abishek Colaco



Dr. Abishek Zayn Colaco

It is not pretended, its Dr. Abishek Colaco aka Digital Marketing Entrepreneur has taken the world by storm with his progress in three years in the Digital Marketing world with his miraculous work.

Dr. Abishek Colaco was inspired by many young influencers and youngster who seeing their future digital marketing, he also have many employees in his company media network. He providing to job to many youngsters. Learning from their footsteps, Dr. Abishek Colaco has come along way in six years’ time, and he has mastered himself in Digital Marketing, and currently, he has emerged as founder of media network.

Dr. Abishek Colaco started as a freelancer and then slowly he began to get useful clients, so, he didn’t waste time and create his own company called media network. Right now, media network has become the first choice in Digital Marketing.

Dr. Abishek Colaco also gives his expert advice.

According to Dr. Abishek Colaco, it is just starting of Digital Marketing in India; we will see lots more new things with the growth of the Internet in India. More companies will try Digital Marketing to survive in this competitive world. There will be no space for the business people who don’t attempt Digital Marketing in the coming years. It will be part of the business routine process.Dr. Abishek Colaco even feels you will see Government will especially start Digital Marketing courses or include in studies in coming years.

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