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Meet the Influencer: Francesco Mancini the founder of Lux Travel Official



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Francesco Mancini is an Instagram influencer with over 70,000 followers. From traveling the world & posting on his Instagram feed along the way he has transformed his blogging career into a business venture. In 2019 he founded Lux Travel Official- a Travel agency that specializes him affordable luxury vacations.

What is Lux Travel Official?

It’s an innovative Travel Tour Agency which has a strong influence from the digital market. Lux Travel Official is not simply organizing tours for your vacations, in fact, we offer much more than that. We have been introducing a new business model to provide to our clients the opportunity to learn new skills whilst traveling such as photography or surfing, have a private photographer, discover how to become an influencer, explore non-touristic spots or live like locals and much more.

When did you start Lux Travel Official?

Lux Travel Official was originally just a digital marketing agency and was founded in February 2019 and then became a Tour Agency in December 2019.

Who is the perfect customer for Lux Travel Official?

Anyone! We don’t have a specific type of target because we offer tours for Girls Only, Couples, LGTB or mixed. Therefore, simply everyone will have the chance to try our service.

Where does Lux Travel travel to?

At the moment we are offering only 4 locations: Bali, Dubai, Italy, and Thailand.

Will clients be able to meet Francesco Mancini whilst touring with Lux Travel Official?

Absolutely! I will be every second with them. That’s all about us as an agency, we love the personal touch and direct contact with our clients.

You can book your next vacation with Lux Travel Official at

Instagram: @Francescomancinistyle

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