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Michael Koch – Inspiring Artificial Intelligence Innovation



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When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), the future is already here. Businesses and individuals are already using AI in a variety of ways, from automating tasks to providing predictive analytics. And as AI technology continues to evolve, its capabilities are only going to become even more impressive. So, what can we expect from AI?

You may have heard a quote that AI is the future. And that’s true without a question. But we rarely consider who is working hard behind closed doors, in the boardrooms of the world’s elite tech companies, to make this a reality.

Being an expert in AI and ML will give you the ability to question standard rules and change your general perspective on the world. You could advance your career by showcasing your passion for positive change and your eagerness to master the most recent technologies such as AI and ML. Check out this amazing course M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning course  if you are just getting started in this sector and want to establish a career in it.

Michael Koch – A Force to Be Reckoned With

Michael Koch is the chairman of QSR AI Research Lab and co-founder and CEO of HubKonnect, an AI data driven platform for local store marketing that uses AI for some of the largest retail companies, is one of these next generational leaders. Despite the fact that this field is still in its evolving stages, Koch has played a critical role in pioneering AI, machine learning, and the intersection of new consumer data through his award-winning tech company.

This revolutionary, fearless leader in AI industry has accomplished all of this just by having a vision to invest in the right opportunity. He was able to plan ahead for the AI revolution because of his passion for problem solving. Koch is leading the way in the sphere of AI and machine learning by providing solutions that are tailored to specific business needs. He develops solutions using advanced analytics and data science. Koch’s solutions help businesses make better decisions, enhance their products and services, improve their operations, transform their IT infrastructure with modern tech and simplify their business decision-making. He set out with HubKonnect to change the landscape of technology and how people perceive it.

Over the years, Koch has built 4 tech companies and introduced revolutionary technologies to the business owners across the globe. To cope up with his everyday tasks and attending meetings all over the world, Koch strictly follows a routine. From waking up at 4am with early morning workouts to strengthening the body to work efficiently throughout the day, Koch’s routine rigorous provides him to make the most out of his 18 working hours.

HubKonnect – An Award-Winning AI Platform Providing Quick-Service Technology to Restaurants

Based on an analysis of the specific customers and opportunities within a single retail location, HubKonnect cognitive AI platform suggests customized local marketing ideas. By providing local marketing expertise to individual franchise locations, HubKonnect provides immediate benefit to the world’s top franchises.

It’s easy to see why Koch is so passionate about the business application of Artificial Intelligence. He performs his work with machine-like precision. Perhaps it is because of his enthusiasm for AI and the company he has built around it that he believes AI is more than a “nice to have” but essential core for businesses that will continue to operate with speed and data precision. With the decade-long experience and utmost passion his work, Koch will continue to lead the future of AI.

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