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Mohammad Reza Moghadasi shares some tips to find the most beneficial ideas for your startup



Mohammad Reza Moghadasi shares some tips to find the most beneficial ideas for your startup

Among the top entrepreneurs, the name Mohammad Reza Moghadasi is shining these days. He left the school from the early years of high school and like any other teenager he dreamed of living abroad. But it was never a mere dream as he made it come true. In the present article, he tells how to find the idea that flourishes our business.

Mohammad Reza Moghadasi

A thriving startup begins with a vision. You cannot build a business with no idea. Here are some creative strategies for analyzing a product or service:

Moghadasi suggests asking your friends what makes them frustrated because knowing what makes a product or service profitable provides the key to a crisis or frustration people are willing to pay to relieve. He added: “Founders get motivation from the problems they experience all the time. For instance, Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp created Uber after they had trouble getting a taxi. Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail launched Venmo after they had difficulty paying each other back. Chris Riccobono started UNTUCKit (a line of shirts that look suitable even when untucked) after getting fed up with how wrinkly and ill-fitting his everyday button-down untucked shirts were.”

Ask your friends to write down or express what bothers them as you seek new ideas. Then go through their lists and find the issues that you are capable of solving. Moghadasi also says that you can get courage from other newly-arising startups. Studying what other people have come up with can be a promising way to kick your imagination process into gear. He recommends for digital motivation, go to Product Hunt, a continuously updated curation of the latest applications, websites, and games. Furthermore, Kickstarter is fantastic for following physical products. There are also a bunch of product review sites that might spark your ingenuity, say Uncrate, Werd, and Wirecutter.

Pinpoint trends to future-proof your idea. As the globe changes, people’s needs vary. For example, Mohammad says: “The emergence of Uber, Lyft, and other similar platforms led to a demand for a third-party app that searches for the cheapest fares at that moment.” You are willing to get ahead of the curve. Consider the trend forecasts for your industry or market, or read the universal trend-predicting publications like Trend Hunter and Springwise. Then try to answer this question: “If these prophecies come true, which tools will be essential?”

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