Mohammed Rashid Khan’s passion and strong belief helped him Grow and thrive as an Entrepreneur in a competitive destination Dubai.

An entrepreneur is a personality who sets up a business by taking a financial risk, mental stress and innovative ideas.

With business, risk comes an opportunity to gain financial compensations in terms of profit and name too. Apart from commercial gain, entrepreneurs are also driven by factors like innovation, disruption, creating an impact etc. Mohammed Rashid Khan Dubai based famous Entrepreneur making waves in the business world with his innovative projects.

What made Mohammed Rashid Khan a successful entrepreneur?. What is special in him which is making him a rich and famous Entrepreneur of UAE Dubai.

We believe the entrepreneurial success of Mohammed Rashid Khan depends on the following characteristics:

The decisive mindset of Rashid Khan is key to the success and growth of his businesses.
He knows when to invest and where to invest in recent times.
A Good Entrepreneur should be a top and inspiring leader too, and Rashid is very inspiring and has top management abilities.
Many got scared in Pandemic and cried to low income in 2020, but Mohammed Rashid Khan finds it as an opportunity to try new businesses in 2021. He is excellent and very strong in tough times.
The show must go on. Life is about Perseverance.

We feel entrepreneurship isn’t comfortable & definitely not a recommended job line for the faint-hearted ones. It does present an immense chance to improve the world for the better.

Entrepreneurs like Mohammed Rashid Khan take a risk by investing in multiple projects like Mining, Real Estate, Hotels and largest Custom phone provider founder Caviar Phones.

With various global challenges now, the world needs more & better entrepreneurs like Mohammed Rashid Khan, who can stand tall against all odds like Pandemic. He competes with himself with his own mind and innovative concepts.

Mohammed Rashid Khan is living a life which is inspiring millions in Dubai and India. His guts of investing in tough times made him successful too.

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