Karim Haddad Real Estate Advisor and Consultant UAE Dubai say A New positive Beginning is awaiting Real Estate UAE Dubai 2021.

The Leading Advisor and Consultant of UAE Dubai, Karim Haddad, made a notable headline by announcing that new projects will start running from mid of 2021 as we will see liquidity flow from the march.

It is popularly known that extreme supply in the region has negatively affected UAE Dubai property prices. In some prime areas, property prices have lost more than 25 percent of their value. Many advisors feel supply glut took place without having the exact supply and demand in check, and the Dubai Expo 2021 made the area over-enthusiastic.

Generally addressing, Dubai’s real estate market has been in a downtrend for a few years, and the coronavirus crisis made matters more serious. It has also affected the rental yield. House prices in Dubai are down over 30% from their peak, which means a massive chance for savvy investors. Family offices and institutional investors are still not convinced that this is the time to buy, but they are indeed very interested in 2021.

Karim Haddad, a famous Real Estate Consultant of Dubai said, “What he has noticed since October, is a wave of international companies mainly from the US, Canada, France, and the UK transferring their company headquarters partly or specifically to the UAE as well as relocating their families too.

The UAE asserts itself as the epicentre of business growth in AI, Tech, Blockchain-Bitcoin, Agriculture, Healthcare sector, Education, and Diamonds.

The most important selling factor is security, something that we feel we do not get everywhere else, in tandem with an outstanding education, convenience outlets, effective business flow and proximity to one-third of the world.”

News of Israelis entering the UAE will give UAE new opportunities. We already see the rise of Israeli actively looking for places, businesses, and investing in the real estate sector. It is also giving new hope to UAE Dubai as a new country which was not close is now taking a keen interest in investing in the UAE. Karim Haddad feels it’s a good sign for the UAE.

The Israeli government and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are confident that the new peace agreement will improve their trade.

Both countries have proved themselves pioneers in their area of expertise—Israel as a tech hub and the UAE as the best infrastructure developer, Real Estate kings and owner of the world’s tallest buildings.

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