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Musician Ohdes does not listen to music



Musician Ohdes does not listen to music

We had an interview with the up and coming artist, musician and producer Ohdes (Georgio Boerenbrink) from the Netherlands and he told us something that will blow your mind. We talked to him via an Instagram DM conversation (@ohdesmusic) and we had ask him a couple of questions, one of the questions was; “What kind of music do you listen to Ohdes?” He told us right away that he does not listen to any kind of music.

“I don’t listen to any kind of music, I only check out a new song from any kind of artists in the Pop, Rap or Electronic/Dance music scene. There are a few simple reasons why; First of all, I am busy with my own music and I don’t have time to listen to other music. The second reason is because I don’t want to get inspired by any other musicians or songs. I don’t even like it when they put a genre label on my music. Because I want to create and invent my own genre that no one could ever copy. Nowadays almost every artist copies another artists style or music and all the music sounds the same at this point. That is why I don’t listen to music, It all sounds the same so it really gets monotonous, and I don’t want to get inspired by others.” – Ohdes 2020

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