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Francesco Riviera (@francescoriviera_) is a highly successful digital entrepreneur and marketer with a passion for coaching.

While growing up in Italy, Riviera watched his parents run small businesses, which is what he feels motivated him to become an entrepreneur and business coach. Riviera says he is blessed to have parents who supported his online endeavours, as he realizes this is not the case for everyone.

Riviera created his company Tesoro Marketing when he was 20 years old. He started out by helping influencers and brands create digital marketing campaigns to sell physical products and grow their online presence. Riviera was able to cultivate massive success for his clientele in large part due to his mastery of Facebook advertising and understanding of core marketing principles. Riviera says he was always a bit of a nerd when it came to the internet, which allowed him to make a living as an online businessperson.

Riviera uses software, media, influencers and advertising platforms like Facebook to scale businesses quickly. He highlights the importance of software, as he quotes Naval, a famous online entrepreneur in saying “selling without software is like selling without electricity.”

Riviera’s relationship with influencers is a huge reason for his success. Riviera has always been good at advertising with ads but says that influencers can be even more powerful. People see ads all the time, and sometimes they can grow tired of them. However, with influencers, Riviera says that people see them as friends and trust their opinion when it comes to recommending products. Riviera says that influencer marketing is only going to become more prominent in the future and urges his students to capitalize on it.

Riviera teaches his students what is needed to cultivate successful mindsets while teaching them the tactics of dropshipping. He recognizes that entrepreneurship is tough and says that developing mental toughness is essential to success. He believes if a person doesn’t fear failure and is comfortable with putting themselves out there, a career in entrepreneurship is right for them.

Riviera says that many beginner entrepreneurs get caught up with chasing results, instead of honing in on their habits. He learned from James Clear that your daily routine is far more important than your current success or lack of it. With this mindset intact, Riviera says entrepreneurs can take the weight off their shoulders and feel better about working hard even if they aren’t seeing results yet.

Riviera is planning to launch his first book, which he hopes will allow him to reach even more people that are interested in pursuing digital marketing. He wants to be known as someone who was dedicated to his clients and his students and has made a huge global impact.

To keep up with Riviera, follow him on Instagram.

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