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Digital Marketing Expert Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei Encourages People to Support Medical Professionals Amidst COVID-19



Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei

Amidst the worldwide crisis of Covid-19, which has spread throughout the world like wildfire, everyone is making consistent efforts to stay at home and have minimum possible physical contact with the outside world. However, nurses and other healthcare professionals are an exception. The medical professionals are working day and night, leaving no stone unturned to help out the ones in need of their assistance. Therefore, a feeling of regard and compassion should be exhibited towards them by every individual. Kianoush Kaouchaksaraei is a digital marketing expert who is always encouraging people to show solidarity and support with medical professionals who are on the front lines.

At the moment, Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei made the finest choice when he decided to motivate and inspire the people to support health care professionals. The young digital influencer displayed his consideration and regard for healthcare professionals. It urged people to do the same. With each passing day, these healthcare professionals are continually exposing themselves to the deadly coronavirus. Therefore, they need to be acknowledged for the same and supported.

Born in Iran, Kianoush Kouchaksaraei has tasted success through his earnest and energetic attitude towards his work. Being a computer engineer by profession, he did not take the conventional route. Instead, he explored all the possibilities for making the best possible use of his potential. He began the export and import of goods in Turkey, which proved to be fruitful for him. Through the vast profit he earned through this business, he was able to expand his digital marketing company. Currently, his offices are operating in India and Turkey. Kianoush Kouchaksaraei has not just displayed his ambitious entrepreneurship skills to the world but also made a mark as a digital marketing expert.

Showing the requisite care and concern for healthcare professionals will give them the strength to keep going. There are numerous ways people can show their support, and Kianoush Kouchaksaraei has shown the path to the people. Being a digital influencer and having a strong presence in digital marketing, Kianoush has made a substantial impact on people. Staying at home, making efforts to provide the necessary equipment to healthcare professionals, or donating to help during the pandemic can be helpful. People can help in various ways to show support and be empathetic towards healthcare professionals. By urging the people to support healthcare workers, Kianoush Kouchaksaraei has shown the world that solidarity in times of a crisis stands above everything else.


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