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Taking over the digital realm as a one-of-a-kind digital marketing expert and entrepreneur is Lim Sokreaksa



Taking over the digital realm as a one of a kind digital marketing expert and entrepreneur is Lim Sokreaksa

The 22-year-old entrepreneur has dove deep into the social media and digital marketing spaces, taking brands and businesses to greater success levels.

The way a few industries have grown over the past years and have shown constant success and development can be attributed to several factors. Though the latest tech advents and trends are a huge factor, no one can deny how the innate skills, talents, and relentless passion and drive of business owners and entrepreneurs work magic in almost all industries around the world. What has turned more heads is how most of these business owners have been youngsters who, coming from different parts of the world, have gradually grown their presence in their niches, becoming high-performing business personalities, just like Lim Sokreaksa did today as a growing digitalpreneur.

Lim Sokreaksa was born on January 2, 2001, and belonged to a humble family background from Koh Tasui Bee, Prek Prosop District, Kratie Province, Cambodia. Growing up, he always desired to make it big in his career and support his family in every possible way. As he saw the boom in the digital sector, he got more inclined toward it and saw himself becoming a prominent name in the sector. He is now a digital expert and an entrepreneur who runs a successful advertising agency that is great at both digital marketing and social media marketing.

More specifically, Lim Sokreaksa claims that his agency has grown to be one-of-a-kind in the industry, providing people with the best services in advertising and digital marketing, optimizing social media platforms and websites to promote products and services. He, along with his team, has grown massively, working with more than 400 small businesses that have given them an edge over their competitors. He has mastered the art of increasing a business’s revenue with Facebook and Instagram ads after gaining extensive experience and expertise in the field.

He considers himself fortunate, despite coming from a low-income family, to have arrived in Phnom Penh in the 2004s, where he learned English and made new friends. He mentions that he chose this career because he loves the digital sector and wants to do much more in the field to gain a greater presence in the coming years.

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