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NFL 2020: Date, Time, TV channel for “Schedule Release ’20”



2020 NFL schedule release 20

The 2020 NFL schedule release will show up on a day that is somewhat later than the league’s typical, pre-draft date. Be that as it may, considering the cloud of uncertainty encompassing the 2020 NFL season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the planning of the current year’s schedule release could be viewed as early.

The 2020 NFL schedule — or at least what the league expectations will be its 2020 schedule — will be released Thursday, May 7 at 8 p.m. ET. Per what has become custom, the league will release its 2020 schedule with an exclusive, three-hour TV show on NFL Network.

We know the 2020 NFL calendar will exclude international games in London or Mexico City, as the league has reported it will play every one of the 2020 games domestically in the name of player health and security in the midst of the pandemic. However, that seems to be the only limitation on the NFL schedule for its initial release.

The league will release a total 17-week, 256-game schedule Thursday night despite the fact that, now, it has no clue how the pandemic will affect the timing and logistics of the season. The NFL additionally has not changed its arrangements to begin the season on Sept. 10 and end it with Super Bowl 55 on Feb. 7.

So until the NFL gets more data on when and how it can continue with its 2020 season, the schedule released Thursday will fill in as a placeholder. The following is the information you need to watch the NFL’s schedule release show.

When is the 2020 NFL “Schedule Release ’20” show?

Date: Thursday, May 7
Time: 8 p.m. ET
TV channel: NFL Network
Live stream: NFL app | DAZN (in Canada)

We typically would ridicule the NFL for producing an eager, three-hour TV show only for 2020 NFL schedule release. Be that as it may, in 2020, fans will take all the “live” programming they can get, so we’ll give the league a pass.

Planned for a prime-time slot, simply the manner in which the NFL likes it, “Schedule Release ’20” will air on NFL Network beginning at 8 p.m. ET. As per the league, NFL Network’s coverage “will break down the upcoming regular-season schedule, division-by-division, analyzing the top matchups and primetime games. … Along with insight from NFL Network hosts and analysts, ‘Schedule Release ’20’ will include interviews from the homes of NFL head coaches, general managers and other guests.”

Live streaming of the 2020 NFL schedule release show will be accessible across devices (cell phone, PC, tablet, and connected TVs) through the NFL app or for subscribers of taking an interest in NFL Network providers.

Teams and fans should acknowledge the schedule the NFL releases Thursday night with the assumption that it will be modified over the summer as the league gets greater clearness on the reasonability of its season.

“At some point,” a top NFL team official disclosed to NBC Sports’ Peter King, “we’re going to have start accepting inequalities. What happens when teams in four states are told, ‘You can’t have training camp?’ Do those teams not have camp? Do they travel to a state that allows a gathering of 100 or so people to work? Time will tell, but the way it looks now, there’s no way all states are going to be under equal rules by the summer.”

Marc Ganis, a sports business consultant who is connected with top NFL executives, revealed to King he is “very confident of a 16-game season with a Super Bowl in February. … I didn’t say I was confident in 16 games with a bye, or what week in February the Super Bowl would be, or if every team will play eight games in their home stadiums, or whether there will be fans at every game.

“There’s more information that’s needed before we have these answers. Teams are just going to have be flexible.”

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