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Night Shift Zombie releases his new single “No Worries”



no worries

When scouring for new music, we all want a breath of fresh air that provides something new and revitalizing to our ears. For those seeking that in newly discovered artists, look no further than Night Shift Zombie with his new single “No Worries”.

The record is filled with a smooth boom bap beat and smooth string play for the beat. It’s a classical sound with a revitalized and renewed facelift to it. The verses have punchy bars with catchy lines that flow and pour to the next flawlessly.

What stands strongest is a melodic hook to the record providing a soul capturing sound that draws listeners in and can bring out a level of emotions to each person.  There is a level of skill and technique required to mix punchy bars with melodic singing such as this, but Night Shift Zombie hits the nail on the head with this performance putting all the pieces together just right.

With a record that is just a tick under 3 minutes long, the record has strong repeat value to it. With a powerful performance such as this, one can only wonder what’s next on the horizon for the artist. We expect great things and more to come.

Want more on Night Shift Zombie, you can follow him on Instagram for future updates.

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