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Shawn Khares’s new single “Say It” has become a fan favorite in no time



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With his new song “Say It,” Shawn Khares has once again wowed his fans. The track broke Spotify records within a few weeks after its release. Shawn has been the topic of conversation all of a sudden. As a result of the song, he’s on his way to becoming a well-known artist.

Shawn’s compositions bring together a wide range of sounds that don’t seem to be capable of generating anything significant on their own. However, after you hear it, you’ll realize that the sounds could not have been blended any other way. The musical ability and abilities of Shawn are on show here.

The song “Say It” by Shawn distinguishes him from the rest of the group. He has a unique tone to his voice. His skills are undeniable. In today’s music industry, he’s a breath of new air. He’s starting to build a name for himself and making his move. In the future, we should expect a lot more from him.

Listen to “Say It” on Spotify:

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