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Number_i makes its world debut with the double cover of “NYLON JAPAN GLOBAL ISSUE 04” on November 15



Number i makes its world debut with the double cover of NYLON JAPAN GLOBAL ISSUE 04 on November 15

Number_i, a recently formed group consisting of Yuta Jinguji, Yuta Kishi, and Sho Hirano, will release a double cover of “NYLON JAPAN GLOBAL ISSUE 04” on November 15th, marking their global debut.

For the first time ever, Yuta Jinguji, Yuta Kishi, and Sho Hirano from the popular new group “Number_i” appear on the back side of the guys’ cover and the double cover of the cover!

Their bright future appears to be hinted at in the story that begins on the cover.
A picture letter from Number_i, a group of stylish and energetic creatives, was sent to readers.

Take a look at the artwork that each member created, distilling their uniqueness with the mind reader!

The cover story for The Guys consists of a sequence of fleeting and exquisite images that appear to hold the reader’s emotions.

One of the most popular themes for cover stories is “Exchanging love letters.”

The dual narrative fully captures their allure with a conceptual composition that gives the impression that they are having a romantic conversation.

Number_i “NYLON JAPAN” makes its global debut with a double cover

This time, the cover story’s common theme is “Exchanging love letters,” and both the guy’s cover and the cover are decorated with double covers on the backside. The story opens on the cover with a photo letter from Number_i to readers, which features fashionable and vivacious creatives who appear to be looking forward to a bright future. You can visibly sense the three people’s constant energy in this touching love letter. Condensing their individuality, each member’s artwork made with the readers in mind will also be published.

Conversely, the cover story for the guys consists of a sequence of fleeting and exquisite images that appear to hold the readers’ emotional responses. unfolds a world of LOVE & PEACE and a tender emotional realm that deceives you into thinking that you are viewing Number_i members—who see themselves as “existences like light that help us step into tomorrow”—through a filter. “A three-person expression of the heart given by each member” and “a totem pole created by three people having fun in the garden” are the story’s key phrases. “Sho Hirano receiving a love letter from a reader on behalf of the members” is the story’s conclusion. “A facial expression that captures the heart of the person.”

The inside page has 36 pages in total, and there is a lengthy interview with over 10,000 characters that is filled with their fresh feelings. Their charm is fully captured in the story by a conceptual composition that gives the impression that they are speaking to each other through a two-sided narrative.

“NYLON JAPAN GLOBAL ISSUE” Many global artists appear

Apart from new fashion pages from New York, the inside page showcases a roster of stunning artists who are involved in various global projects. Music and culture media `{VI/NYL” will feature updates that will lead the next generation, along with editorial interviews with world-famous rapper/hyper-pop singer Shygirl from NYLON FRANCE and electro-pop musician SHYE from NYLON MANILA. Presenting up-and-coming international musicians all at once.

This global issue will have bilingual pages in both Japanese and English, and we intend to sell it abroad as well. Furthermore, a special feature on Number_i will appear in the international NYLON magazine and website.

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