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Stray Kids rock out in mini-album “Rock-Star” and the new ‘Lalalala’ music video



Stray Kids rock out in mini album Rock Star and the new ‘Lalalala’ music video

The music video for “Lalalala,” the lead single from Stray Kids’ most recent mini-album “Rock-Star,” has also been released. The energetic new track “Lalalala” features the K-pop group partying like pirates on a shipwreck beneath the sea in the music video. The group is targeted by a massive smoke-like creature that also tries to attack a young boy marching band that is about to perform.

As the video comes to an end, the group and their backup dancers salute the marching band while watching them perform via a portal.

The official music video for the album’s lead single, LALALALA, was released alongside the much-anticipated album of the boy band’s Rock-Star.

With their intense choreography and dynamic performances, the fourth-generation K-pop boy band has dominated the charts and won over fans.

More about the newly released album

Five months after releasing their third full-length album, 5-Star, Stray Kids released their eighth Korean EP (their 13th overall), called Rock-Star.

The EP was produced by the group’s in-house production team, 3Racha, in collaboration with artists including Versachoi, Cubeatz, Willie Weeks, Millionboy, Nickko Young, and Jun2. The Korean four-character idiom huiroaerak inspired it.

Eight new tracks make up the album, which is currently available for streaming everywhere.

The music video showcases the eight members of the group, all dressed in sophisticated attire, as they deliver a powerful performance that electrifies the stage.

In the pre-chorus, they sing, “Just feel the rhythm of the world / ‘Cause we will make it rock / Twist, turn, and roll / Throw yourself out there / Face all the noise of the world.”

Eight songs make up “Rock-Star,” including two renditions of “락 (LALALALA)” and “Social Path,” a Korean interpretation of their most recent collaboration with Japanese singer LiSA.

At least one member of 3RACHA, the sub-unit made up of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han—the primary writers and producers of Stray Kids—wrote and composed every track.

Bang Chan and Hyunjin worked together to co-write and co-compose “가려줘 (Cover Me).” Some of the songs’ composition and arrangement were also done in conjunction with other collaborators like Millionboy and Willie Weeks.

In a five-star review of ‘5-Star’, NME’s Crystal Bell wrote: “Stray Kids are flying so high above the crowd that they’re in a galaxy of their very own, where the parties are endless and the vibes are always five-star.”

In June, the album helped the group achieve their third consecutive Number One ranking on the Billboard 200. It debuted at the top of the chart after their 2022 releases, “Maxident” and “Oddinary.”

Three Stray Kids members were in an automobile accident earlier this year. While returning from a scheduled event, Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Seungmin were involved in a “minor incident,” though none of the celebrities or the staff members who were with them were “seriously injured.”

However, they were told to “receive conservative treatment” and placed on a temporary hiatus from promotions, including a scheduled appearance at the Global Citizen Festival in New York, due to experiencing “mild muscle pain and bruises.” Following Stray Kids, 3RACHA—a subunit consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han—performed at the event.

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