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Stray Kids releases a new album ‘In Life’ with title track ‘Back Door’



Stray Kids releases a new album In Life with title track Back Door

After the successful run of their first Korean-language studio album ‘Go Live’, Stray Kids are back with a repackaged album named ‘In Life’ joined by its single ‘Back Door’.

On September 14 KST, the JYP Entertainment boy group divulged their most recent album ‘IN LIFE,’ highlighting title track “Back Door.” The single has been portrayed by the individuals as a song they couldn’t hold back to release from some time before it was even finished, that they will get a much greater positive reaction from fans than they had with their past title track “God’s Menu.”

While keeping up the visual and hear-able new shock of “God’s Menu,” “Back Door” includes more vivid acoustic effects to make a happy state of mind. The video coordinates the ‘spicy flavor’ of the song’s sound with an elating dance performance.

Then, Stray Kids will welcome their fans through rebound showcase ‘ONLINE UNVEIL: IN LIFE’ at 9 PM KST on the same night of the release.

‘Go Live’ dropped in June this year, with group members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han contributing vigorously to the release’s composition and production. The album’s title in Korean is articulated ‘Go Saeng’, with the term ‘gosaeng’ meaning ‘hardship’. This, served as one of the core themes for ‘Go Live’, with the group’s desire to continue pushing ahead even notwithstanding difficulty serving as a unifying thread over its fourteen tracks.

Stray Kids appeared in 2017 with nine individuals, rapidly setting up themselves as a rockin’ roller owing both to their abilities as lyricists and authors as well as their intricate, high-octane performances. While riding the highs of achievement, the group saw one member withdraw from the lineup. Notwithstanding the minor mishap, they continued pushing, and the aftereffects of that exertion and battle were obvious on their first album.

The album was noted for its experimental qualities, with Stray Kids fiddling with everything from hip-hop and acoustic rock to trap and EDM. The lead single ‘God’s Menu’ would become the group’s first single to show up on the Gaon Weekly Download Chart as well as their first single to show up on the main category of the Digital chart of Gaon.

The repackaged edition of the album, named ‘In Life’ or ‘Insaeng’ (which means ‘Life’) expands on the idea of hardship, yet makes it a stride further, loaning an element of want to the battle and focusing on beating hardship and thriving.

Where ‘God’s Menu’ delivered a fiery set of verses centered on the group’s promise to raise the stakes with every rebound, ‘Back Door’ sees them completely delighting in all that they’ve achieved hitherto, including their ascent to the top.

Normally, the first thing most fans commended the group for was their dancing. “STRAY KIDS BEST CHOREO,” read one tweet, “THE DANCE AT THE END WAS SO COOL,” expressed one fan, and another shared, “THE CHOREO HOLY S***.”

For there is a fan, Stays, the song has satisfied every one of their desires. “IM SCREECHINGJITS SO GOOD BEJXJSBDBSBD,” read one tweet, while another said, “OMG I’M NOT OKAY! THIS IS SOOOOOO GOODDD.” “EVERYDAY, EVERYTIME STRAY KIDS ALWAYS BEYOND MY EXPECTATION, THEY ARE AMAZING,” stated one fan.

“I’m cryinggg it’s so good i can’t everything was perfect @Stray_Kids as expected @Stray_Kids everywhere all around the world,” shared another.

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