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Olga Orozco: Google Doodle celebrates Argentine poet’s 100th birthday



Google Doodle observes Argentine poet Olga Orozco’s 100th birthday on March 17, 2020. She was a master of the surreal and recipient of the FIL Award. With 18 published volumes, she is generally viewed as a crucial figure in the 1940s Argentine and Latin American poetry.

Who was Olga Orozco?

Olga Orozco was born as Olga Noemí Gugliotta was born on March 17 in 1920 in Toay, La Pampa, a humble community in focal Argentina. The secret she felt in the region’s endless flat plains impacted her for a mind-blowing life.

Olga Orozco
Olga Orozco

Olga Orozco guided some literary publications using some pseudonymous names while she worked as a writer. She was an individual of the so-called “Tercera Vanguardia” generation, which had a strong surrealist tendency.

Olga Orozco took an early enthusiasm in poetry and proceeded to study literature at the University of Buenos Aires. She successfully published her initial work in the literary magazine, Canto, and found an inventive organization among a similar group of writers that came to be alluded to as “The Generation of ’40.”

In 1946, Olga Orozco published her first book of poetry, “Desde lejos” (“From Far Away”), starting a prolific innovative period that lasted decades and set her status among Argentina’s incredible poets. Her work was set apart by a sense of magic and otherworldliness, investigating potential dimensions past the everyday physical world.

Olga Orozco’s poetic works were affected by Rimbaud, Nerval, Baudelaire, Miłosz, and Rilke. Because of her experience in literature, she was well respected and paid attention to. Her works have been translated into different languages.

In recognition of her work, Olga Orozco got numerous notable awards, including the 1998 FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages—one of the most prestigious honors in Latin American and Caribbean literature.

Olga Orozco died in Buenos Aires from a heart attack in 1999 at 79 years old.

Even though Olga Orozco is little-known in the United States, she is a very much respected and legitimate artist in Argentina.

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