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Our Very Own Supercomputer-Understanding Your Mind’s Programming



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The greatest minds have revolutionized the scope of this earth. From discovering remarkable new horizons to using it to replicate the sun’s inferno, the feats human intelligence is capable of executing are astonishing. The key is to harness its true potential. As we go through life, our mind is cluttered with things that hinder it from accelerating full-throttle toward its true potential.

Even the most complex supercomputers run on a code backed by fundamental logic. Let’s discuss how we can understand the mind’s programming.

Cheat codes

Consciousness and sentience derive from the mind itself. No matter how capable, at its core, the brain is an organ. In order to unlock the mind’s true potential, we must change our perspective on how we perceive it. Your mind is a part of you; it is not you.

Here are some realizations you can use to develop cheat codes for the mind.

Going third person

The first step is establishing a third-person outlook on how your mind functions. Pay close attention to how you react in different situations. What triggers your stress? What makes you happy? Realizing these initiators will help you prepare cheat codes to grasp control of the mind truly. Understand these patterns and try to avoid the triggers that induce feelings of mental stress. Just as you would resort to a third person’s perspective to obtain unbiased advice, separating your mind from your being can be a game changer.

The Fundamentals

To program your mind for prosperity, you need to understand what it is made of and how it functions. No matter the complexities, the brain is a vast combination of neurotransmitters. The feeling of overwhelming joy is fueled by chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Nociceptors in your body are assembled to shoot feelings of pain across your body to make you aware of the danger. Arousal originates from hormones deeply embedded in our genetic code. Like any computer, your mind will respond according to its mechanism and designated code.


Just like any other computer, your mind is prone to exhaustion. Mental breakdowns occur when you have exhausted your mind to a point where it cannot fix itself without the resources necessary. Ignoring signs of sleep deprivation, emotional distress, and anxiety can be detrimental to the computer responsible for ensuring all your organs perform optimally. Taking care of your diet, getting in 7-8 hours of sleep, and developing good habits such as reading and exercising are hard disk cleanups for your mind. Declutter the mess and leave room for applications healthy for your system overall.

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