Pranab Kr Nath – A Real Life Hero Besides An Actor In Short Film

Pranab Kr Nath is a Short Film Actor in North East India. He is a Video creator Artist from the state of Tripura. Well, he is well known as an entertainer rather than just an artist. The unique thing about artists is that they are capable of doing and imagining great things and putting them into action to correspond them into videos. These short films are basically created with a lot of effort put into them. One such video artist is Pranab Kr Nath. He is known for the things that he does, his political background (which he has not moved past, as he pursues a career in short film making), his keen interest in helping along with society, and the willingness to create meaningful videos.

You can look him up on many websites. Some of these websites (according to the last updates) have now been verified after meeting up the required criteria. Besides an artist and an actor, Pranab Kr Nath has proved to be keenly inclined towards the issues of society and finding ways to solving them. He has chosen his own path which can actually make great differences.

Pranab Kr Nath is interested in making videos once in a while but the basic foundation to all this lies in the fact that he has always wanted to be a positive influence on society. We can consider a lot of examples regarding this. Just recently in the latter of 2020, we had a destructive phenomenon- Amphan. It had left a larger part of our communities absolutely destroyed. Pranab Kr Nath has played a huge role into helping out the ones who really needed it. The fundraiser- being the local NGO’s along with the contribution from Mr. Nath actually brought about a huge change.

If you follow the official page link to Pranab Kr Nath, you can find a fund raising link where the follow ups allow you to donate. (https://www.pranabkrnath.com/p/foundation.html) Helping and caring for others is something deeply imbedded in Mr. Nath’s intensions.

We all want to something wonderful in our lives- be somebody unique and create something unique too. Pranab Kr Nath possesses this quality which is more than enough to be a successful Film Actor. Acting is not just a job where you follow a script; it is a form of art. He is a hero, for sure. But more than that- he is somebody sensitive and generous. All the things you would want a real life hero to be.

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