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Producer Vikram Jamwal Has Founded the Vikram Jamwal Foundation to Help the People of Jammu & Kashmir



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Social workers are such great people, who believe in helping people is the purpose of their life. However, there are some social workers who have done good work to help people from an early age. Despite being an ideal entrepreneur, he spends all his time in social work, Vikram Jamwal is also a social activist and founder of the Anar India app, which helps the needy people and the poor in Jammu and Kashmir in every way. Also help in the education of children and proper employment of youth.

Vikram Jamwal was born on 29 November 1974, he was very talented since childhood, his father worked for tourism, inspired by which he graduated from hotel school, Vikram Jamwal did business development in Africa, Nigeria served as director, managing one of the largest hotels in the continent of Africa. During his course there, he was made aware of several corporate social responsibility programs, including supporting underprivileged youth, etc., where he was inspired to undertake similar activities in his home state of Jammu and Kashmir and Vikram Jamwal Foundation established.

Vikram Jamwal never retreats in public interest, he has no ambition of his own, his great ambition to serve the people of Vikram Jamwal is clear. The Vikram Jamwal Foundation, a social organization working for the upliftment of people in Jammu and Kashmir, has helped many people with food and medicines, they have helped people in many ways like providing financial assistance, education, health and food. They too can live their lives. Vikram Jamwal is very humble, he wants to give proper education to the children of poor community, who do not have enough money to go to school and get education, through the Vikram Jamwal Foundation, to help all such people in future.

Vikram Jamwal tries to help the needy in every way possible. Saving the native inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir and improving their lives is something that they like very much. Vikram shows a true patriotism as well as a sense of social welfare in Jamwal. Keeping his future in mind, he also highlighted issues that would otherwise be neglected. As a social worker and successful entrepreneur, Vikram Jamwal has definitely become an inspiration for the youth. It is a matter of great pride for us to be a person like Vikram Jamwal in the modern world, and we hope that in future also Vikram Jamwal will achieve all the goals of his life while doing good for the people with his hard work and dedication.

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