Umaira Habib’s is empowering women with her cosmetic range Honey n Beaute

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Umaira Habib: The Young Visionary, Versatile, Decisive Entrepreneur setting new benchmarks for the industry to follow with her startup “Honey n Beaute”.
Mother of two kids Umaira Habib who has made a remarkable name for herself and her firm “Honey n Beaute” in the the beauty and personal care industry.
The young gritty talk of the town entrepreneur gaining tremendous popularity in recent time is Umaira Habib. This millennial businesswoman rising from all the clutches and clutter of challenges that life had thrown at her, she raised to eventually become a successful entrepreneur and the most popular name for umpteen others to talk and follow about. This determined and go-getter individual is mother of 2 kids, and now owns a successful company under her kitty “Honey n Beaute”. Honey n Beaute is now home to millions of women who want to look and fell better about them. The very discrete and unique product list of Honey n Beaute includes various herbal shampoos, soaps, body lotions etc that touch upon millions of lives across the country and provide the necessary momentum to boost about their confidence and energy. Umaira’s company not only provides these products to look better but in turn enables them to feel good about hem, being happy about how they carry themselves thereby ingesting super confidence in the modern-day women.
Umaira Habib, born in a small town of Kattu Pava near Pudhukkottai, Tamil Nadu didn’t race the roads of success that easily. Coming from a middle-class family she had to face many challenges to rise in life. Language barrier was also a concern for her, but her meticulous efforts in learning other languages and studying hard took her to many places. Umaira pursued a course in beauty and personal care management from Kolkata to eventually learn the tips and tricks of the trade industry and finally setting up the firm “Honey n Beaute”. Managing work life balance, content with her professional work but striving hard to make her company attain global recognition, Umaira has turned every stone to success. Honey n Beaute now caters to more than 25,000 customers pan India. Who would have ever thought that a firm coined in March 2019 would ever make it so large in relatively short period of time? But Umaira and her dedicated team has made sure that their dreams are a reality today.
Honey n Beaute signature product is their Hair oil with herbal ingredients which is the most selling product for the firm, Henna Body lotions which does wonders for skin tan removal, 24k gold serum with 25 herbs and many more. The exciting range of products enthralls the customers all across the country and is penetrating more and more in upcoming and potential markets.
Honey n Beaute also caters to the cream of the crowd list, with celebrities like Rashmika Mandanna, Ishwarya Menon, Janani Iyer, Aalya Manasa, Youtuber Ahmed Meeran and many others who are proud customers of her firm. Umaira Habib has also been adjudged as Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 and is continuing her dream run.
We wish Umair and Honey n Beaute to keep continuing their good work and touch upon millions of lives ahead in their journey.