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The Rags to Riches Story: Javed Khan the founder of JKMT



3. Javed

It all starts with a vision and the motivation to begin and push through your journey to overcome obstacles and difficulties in life. Javed Khan has managed to amass a significant amount of success at the ripe age of 21 years due to this attitude for life.

Javed is a student who was born in London, with a vision and passion for foreign exchange trading and entrepreneurship. Life started in humble beginnings, as he began earning his living delivering pizzas in the East End of London while he studied in College. Despite these humble beginnings, Javed would go on to achieve huge successes and find financial freedom through his approach to investing. Later in his relatively short life so far, Javed has become a master educator and forecaster of investments since moving to Dubai.

Javed’s success started with a simple dream to improve his lifestyle and be able to provide financial support to his family. He came across trading in 2016 while he studied at College, and some might say the rest is history? However, it wasn’t quite that simple, as Javed actually invested all of his savings and lost them all on his first attempt at trading.

The Power of Consistency

Javed set his sights on success from investing. However, without the knowledge he now possesses he managed to lose his savings in a matter of hours. Some may use this as a reason to stop. However, Javed’s attitude was to push through this adversity and prove doubters wrong. He then decided to invest a much larger sum than his initial savings amount from his father’s savings. Taking on this significant level of risk could have ended in disaster for Javed, and it did. He invested everything, and lost it. In total, Javed had lost £20,000 at this point.

He decided to take a job as a pizza delivery driver in order to try and recoup the money that he had lost, but still he pursued in his attempts for success in the markets via trading. However, this time, he saw positive results. Javed was able to recover both his friends’ money which he had borrowed as well as his father’s money. The power of consistency and not giving up is what allowed Javed Khan to succeed and match his dream.

The Only Way is Up

Itching for further success in the markets, he devoted his entire life to further his knowledge and achievements from the foreign exchange markets. Since his learning stages, Javed has gone on to create a foreign exchange trading business and become a top-class educator of the foreign exchange markets. His success has only gone from strength to strength, being able to buy his first car (an Audi) in cash and buy a lavish apartment in Dubai where he now lives.

Javed is still a young man, but has gone through more ups and downs than most in their whole lifetime. He still aims for huge goals in the future, and wants to increase his financial capabilities to the point where he can benefit his whole family and circle of friends.

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