Proper Team Management Tips: From Entrepreneur Landon Murie

Entrepreneur Landon Murie is an expert digital marketer who has helped dozens of property management firms across America. Today, Landon reveals how he runs his marketing agency internationally from the comfort of his own home.

Managing A Team

If you run a firm, you’ll often find it difficult to manage a team successfully. Problems such as Lack of trust, conflict, tension, lack of transparency, hoarding of information, and low engagement usually arise.

As an entrepreneur, Landon Murie has experienced all of these. What’s more, he’s had to handle the problems with remote team members. Yes, a large majority of Goodjuju’s staff works remotely. While all their clients are located in the United States, Landon’s team members are spread out all across the world. 

Some may see this as a huge disadvantage, but Landon prefers to see the light in this situation. Ever since the outset of the global academic, Landon’s firm has done nothing but grow at an unprecedented rate, why? Well, because his firm didn’t feel the effect caused by various precautionary measures imposed by the government to curb the spread of the virus.

Landon Murie has achieved these by following 5 principles he implores anyone running a team, remotely or physically, should apply. Here they are;

  • Create teachable systems/processes people can follow
  • Don’t micromanage people. “Trust, but verify”
  • Keep in touch as best as possible (chat/app)
  • Make sure you and team aligned on vision/goals
  • Create a motivational environment with incentives

Working Together

Now that we’ve established how Landon manages his team, how does he ensure that there’s no chaos? Micromanaging a remote team will require that you at least have some form of coordination, since there is no one to monitor who is doing a particular task, reaching out to prospects, etc.

Landon Murie explains that the most effective way to manage remote team members and get efficient results is by utilizing various systems & processes and also keeping track of everything with project management applications. He recommends that every entrepreneur running a remote team gets the software Clickup. 

ClickUp has helped his firm stay on track and the systems Landon created ensures that each client’s work is done on schedule.


The world is changing and the sooner you can shift your business model to remote working the better. Running a team shouldn’t be perceived as difficult. Once you can grasp the basic principles stated above, you’ll excel at managing a team online, wherever you’re based in the world. 

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