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Quick weight gain through safe and appropriate methods, according to Mahdi Farshidinasab, a famous Iranian coach and bodybuilder



Quick weight gain through safe and appropriate methods according to Mahdi Farshidinasab a famous Iranian coach and bodybuilder

Over half of the society members struggling with obesity, while some people want to rapidly gain weight and they are not satisfied with their low weight.

This is a real concern because being underweighted affects health as badly as being overweight.

Besides, many people that clinically have normal weight attempt to grow their muscles and increase their weight by improving their muscle-building process.

Now whether you are clinically underweighted or just interested in building muscles is the first principle of rapid weight gain.

Possible problems caused by being underweight:

Being underweight can perturb your immune system performance.

Increase the risk of getting an infection.

This leads to osteoporosis and fractures

Causes reproductive issues

Underweighted people are more likely to get Sarcopenia (loss of muscle tissues in the buttock) and Dementia.

The first important step toward rapid weight gain:

Consume large amounts of protein.

The most significant nutrient for gaining weight is protein.

Muscles are made of protein and without it, most of the calories will be accumulated in form of fat. Studies show that during the rapid weight gain periods, a protein-rich diet causes excess calories to transfer into muscles.

However, remember that protein is a double-edged sword. In addition to its benefits, protein may give you the feeling of fullness and considerably decrease your appetite and hungriness which stop you from receiving ample calories.

If you want to gain weight, consume 0.7 to 1 gram of protein per one kg of your body weight.

Protein-rich food includes meat, fish, egg, most of the dairies, Beans, Nuts, etc. Besides, if you want to have more protein in your diet, you can use for example whey.

Mehdi Farshidi Nasab, born on the 31st of July 1986 in Iran, and currently, lives in Australia.


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