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Raphael Oliver is breaking the limits of Brazil and gaining more and more international recognition every year



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Raphael Oliver defends the idea that it is not enough to apply makeup techniques randomly to everyone. But these techniques should be applied strategically, with purpose, according to each face’s features and personality.

So that there is an alignment between who the person is in essence, personality and the message he is communicating with his image.

In other words, he is opposed to the standardization of beauty techniques and invites the beauty artist to a more empathetic, interested and deep relationship with his client, since in order for there to be an assertive application of techniques, it is necessary that this professional first knows who the person is there and what message they want to communicate through their image.

With this strong philosophy, Raphael Oliver has been teaching and preparing, both technically and in terms of thinking, hundreds of makeup artists from all over the world in the last 12 years of his life and professional career.

Raphael Oliver believes that when the professional masterfully masters makeup techniques, and at the same time has the ability to deeply connect with his client or model, that’s where his power is revealed, because it’s where he can use his skills and his creative energy to reveal the beauty and uniqueness of each person.

Precisely because he is a professional who thinks outside the box, Raphael Oliver provides each student he trains with a transformation from the inside out, breaking pre-established paradigms and bringing a new vision of the world, of themselves, and of new limits that can be achieved with techniques, methods and determination applied in an orchestrated manner.

During the last 12 years Raphael Oliver has been tirelessly and practically integrally dedicated to his purpose of making a difference in the professional makeup market on a global scale, and we can say that, in fact, the makeup world after his participation is not more the same. Raphael Oliver has traveled to more than 7 countries taking his knowledge, techniques and philosophy, in addition to having held numerous events, masterclasses and workshops in his home country, Brazil.

“Very responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in facilitating. Also engaging towards students, goes above and beyond to ensure that students are well-equipped with the craft.

He goes out his way to help and responds immediately when posed with any questions. Gives tips and pointers to improve constantly. Give brain food for every tutorial.”

I learned a ton of stuff, you truly get hands-on experience with Raphael Oliver and get the one on one attention that’s essential to learning. I’m so happy I made the decision to trust them with my career!” (Portia Gyeni – Boateng – @cutiebridal_gh)

Explore more about the Raphael Oliver on his Instagram @raphaeloliverofficial and website:

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