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Razer In Partnership With Luxury Hotel Fairmont Singapore For World’s First Luxury Gaming Suites



Razer In Partnership With Luxury Hotel Fairmont Singapore For Worlds First Luxury Gaming Suites

The world’s first luxury gaming suites will be launched by local gamer electronics organization Razer in partnership with luxury hotel Fairmont Singapore on May 24. The gaming suites, which will be available for booking until next April, are a set of three gaming rooms that gamers can get together and game at.

Along with partner, Razer, the luxury hotel is bringing next-level fun and immersive gaming to Lion City’s lifestyle hotel destination. The first-of-its-kind gamer-centric suites mix the sensational world of gaming with luxury hospitality, making a premier experience that will appeal to all gamers from amateurs to pros.

Each room obliges different gamers and their preferences, for example, the people who like to compete in esports, stream their gameplay, or the individuals who game on consoles.

The first suite, named Razer Gamer & Streamer Suite, is fitted with 5v5 fight stations and power outage shades.

Each station accompanies an ergonomic gaming chair, widescreen screens, keyboards, and headsets from Razer complete with luminescent green LED light strips. The set-up expects to reproduce the atmosphere of an esports tournament.

The suite can oblige up to ten individuals at any one time, and permits gamers to likewise stream and commentate on their gameplay live with a specially dedicated streaming booth.

Razer Console Lounge is the second suite. As the name recommends, it is equipped with the most recent gaming consoles like the Xbox and Playstation 5 and Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma controllers.

A plush sofa and bean bags are available for gamers to sit on as they pick from a variety of games, including titles from big publishers like Ubisoft. The suite will likewise be installed with a 70-inch monitor.

More seasoned gamers can likewise level up their gaming experience with the Razer Kaira, a wireless headset for the Xbox that gives premium audio quality and clear voice communication between players.

The suite can accommodate up to six players, and can likewise be used for additional cozy gatherings like a birthday celebration or a casual gaming session with friends.

The third suite, the Razer Mercury Suite, is decorated with illuminated, customizable color-changing light panels lining the walls and a 3v3 gaming set-up. This suite can hold up to six people.

Equipped with the Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense, a gaming headset powered by haptic technology that gives a reasonable experience to in-game sounds, the suite was planned specifically for streamers.

Albeit every suite is outfitted with equipment and gaming furniture from Razer, gamers are likewise permitted to bring along their gear also.

The rooms are available for rent in two-hour and four-hour blocks.

While gaming is referenced, you’ll probably consider elaborate gaming set-ups from which you and your friends can cheer – or jeer, sometimes – at each other while racking up high as possible scores. On the other hand, you could imagine cozying up before a TV console at home to test your bonds with family or friends, or in any event, throwing yourself entirely into the communal experience of local area network (LAN) parties.

Nonetheless, luxury hotel Fairmont Singapore and gamer-centric electronics organization Razer are outfitting to change that, uncovering a brand-new collaboration at a media preview on May 17. As indicated by a joint statement by the two organizations, the “luxury gaming” experience is the first of its kind in the world.

In making these new state-of-the-art luxury gaming suites, Fairmont Singapore has changed three of its luxury suites into true gaming havens. Every suite is decked out with Razer’s award-winning peripherals and matched with insightful hospitality touches and amenities. Guests additionally have the option of bringing their gaming product and gear assuming they like.

The Razer Gamer & Streamer Suite, Razer Console Lounge, and Razer Mercury Suite were splashed black with green and white detailing, demonstrative of Razer’s branding. Close by gaming experiences in the latter two suites, the organizations additionally teased a menu that was “specifically designed with gamers in mind”, including sandwiches and miniature charcuterie and cheese plates that visitors could feast upon.

While the suites must be booked for two- or four-hour blocks, doing so accompanies advantages including a 10 percent discount for overnight stays at Fairmont Singapore and in-house food and beverage establishments Prego, Anti: dote, House of WÈI, and Mikuni.

The gaming suites will be available for booking from May 18 and open to the public on May 24, staying available until April next year.

Here’s more on what you can expect from every suite.

A Look Inside Fairmont Singapore’s New Gaming Suites

The Razer Gamer & Streamer Suite

This true Razer gaming den is kitted out with 5v5 fight stations and power outage shades. Gamers get to partake in a LAN experience with widescreen monitors and luminescent green LED light strips that will cause anybody to feel like an esports pro about to enter their first-ever tournament. The Razer Gamer and Streamer Suite are fitted with Razer peripherals and hardware, permitting ten players to meet up IRL to finesse their games or set their abilities in opposition to each other.

Each station is associated with cutting-edge monitors and gaming equipment courtesy of Razer. Gamers are additionally guaranteed of playing in comfort with the Razer Iskur gaming chair. The Razer Gamer & Streamer Suite comes with limited loan sets of the Razer Blade 15 laptop, programmed with the latest AAA games.

Streamers can take over the streaming booth where they can decide to display graphics on the wall-mounted TVs, or for gaming communities to watch on Twitch while they describe and commentate on the streams. The booth will be equipped with Razer’s latest broadcaster line-up for an improved streaming experience.

Capacity: 11 people, with somewhere around six people expected to make a booking.

Price: S$240 to S$415 for two hours, S$320 to S$670 for four hours (depending on group size), excluding taxes and service charges.

The Razer Console Lounge

Step into the luxury lounge region with plush sofa and bean bags, spiced up with the latest Xbox and PlayStation 5 consoles, alongside Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma controllers that will set players up for some epic fun in their goal-chasing quests.

At the Razer Console Lounge, beginners and casual gamers can pick from a slew of AAA games like Halo Infinite and Mortal Kombat II, or light-hearted multiplayer options like Streets of Rage 4 and watch their gameplay unfold on the giant 70-inch TV screen. The people who want to exert true console dominance can put on the Razer Kaira for Xbox wireless headset that gives superior audio immersion and crystal-clear voice communications. Accommodating up to 6 players, the suite is additionally ideal for intimate, casual gaming sessions among loved ones.

Capacity: Six people.

Price: S$180 for two hours, S$320 for four hours, excluding taxes and service charges.

Razer Mercury Suite

Illuminated with a fun, customizable colour-changing light panels that add flair to the 3v3 gaming set-up, this suite is a gamer and streamer’s paradise fitted with the latest Razer technology.

The wall-facing tables showcase the dynamic Razer Seiren V2 Pro microphone. What’s more, guests can anticipate partaking in Razer’s limited-edition Razer Iskur X – Hello Kitty and Friends Edition and the Razer Lumbar Cushion, complemented with selected Razer Quartz peripherals.

Gamers can likewise dive into a new dimension of immersion with the Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense, a gaming headset powered by haptic technology to give realistic vibration experience to in-game sounds. The Razer Mercury Suite is equipped with the Razer Enki, a gaming chair that redefines all-day comfort with its built-in lumbar arch and optimised cushion density.

Capacity: Six people.

Price: S$240 for two hours, S$420 for four hours, excluding taxes and service charges.

Gaming And Luxury Hospitality

Booking one of these luxury gaming suites accompanies all the hospitality trimmings expected of an establishment like Fairmont Singapore. Gamers can browse the dining and mini bar menus specially organized for an insightful fuel up amidst gaming. Visitors can order from a wide selection of pizzas, burgers, charcuterie & cheese and more; as well as assorted snacks and drinks from the Esports Menu, served right to any of the suites to appreciate.

Post-game, they can likewise dismiss one of the numerous popular restaurants in Fairmont Singapore, for example, Prego to partake in a meal together. Those hoping to create a special event can likewise contact the hotel for a more personalised experience. Visitors can pre-order custom cakes fashioned in the wake of gaming peripherals like controllers, keyboard, and mouse, to add a celebratory element of fun.

Fairmont Singapore’s luxury gaming suites are available to book currently; opening to people in general on 24th May 2022 and will be available until April 2023. Play times are from 9 am to 11 pm daily. Suites are available to book in 2 or 4-hour blocks only. Costs start from S$180, dependent upon a 10% service charge and 7% GST.

At the preview, Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford’s senior director of marketing Julia Lim discussed the hotel’s constant enthusiasm to work together with brands – which incorporate Disney and Hello Kitty – to give a one-of-a-kind stay for visitors. Furthermore, Fairmont Singapore hosted the One E-sports Dota 2 Singapore Major in March 2021.

Fairmont Singapore’s managing director Marcus Hanna let CNA Lifestyle know that the luxury of gaming suites occurred as the hotel “recognises the growing pervasiveness of the [gaming] industry and the huge potential of e-sports and gaming as a whole”. On the hotel’s role in the collaboration, he added: “It also reflects our continued focus and commitment towards bringing unique experiences that appeal to different passions and ages.”

Razer’s senior manager of Global E-sports Fernando Loureiro tended to the developing standard popularity of e-sports and gaming culture following the COVID-19 pandemic, which illuminated their collaboration.

The gaming suites are open from 9am to 11pm daily.

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