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First HD haptics gaming chair cushion in the world will be presented at CES 2024 by Razer



First HD haptics gaming chair cushion in the world will be presented at CES 2024 by Razer

A plethora of new gaming accessories and gear are on display at CES 2024. Project Esther by Razer, the first HD haptics gaming chair cushion in the world, deserves special attention. Yes, exactly. With the help of a VR headset, you can get even closer to experiencing the immersion of being in the game.

Project Esther has ultra-low latency and sixteen haptic actuators. The directionality, multi-actuator experiences, and multiple-device integration of haptics are all controllable. Moreover, it featured plug-and-play automatic audio-to-HD haptics conversion. Razer states that you won’t need to buy a whole new setup in order to use the cushion because it is compatible with the majority of office and gaming chairs.

The product of years of haptics research and development is Razer’s Project Esther gaming chair cushion. With the release of the new Nari Ultimate headphones in 2018, the company unveiled Razer HyperSense haptics. The haptics for PC gaming were created using wideband voice-coil actuators and sophisticated digital signal processing; the following year, they expanded the technology to include Xbox headphones.

Razer debuted its Hypersense high-resolution vibration system at CES 2019; it has since been integrated into chairs, mice, and keyboard rests. Razer made another significant move in 2022 when it acquired Interhaptics, a company that specializes in—you guessed it—haptics. Interhaptics technology is used in the operation of Project Esther.

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