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Reliance Industries Beat ExxonMobil to Become World’s Second Most Valuable Energy Organization



Reliance Industries Beat ExxonMobil to Become Worlds Second Most Valuable Energy Organization

After its market top scaled to a record high of Rs 14 lakh crore, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has beaten ExxonMobil Corporation to become the world’s second most valuable energy organization.

The Indian oil-to-telecom conglomerate is currently positioned 46th globally on market cap, as indicated by stock market information.

On Thursday, Reliance was positioned 48th and was behind ExxonMobil. Its share cost on Friday scaled an all-time high of Rs 2,163 preceding settling at Rs 2,146.20, taking the organization to 46th position.

The Rs 13.6 lakh crore m-cap of Reliance along with Rs 54,262 crore m-cap of its partly-paid shares that were issued in the recent rights issue and are traded independently, puts the organization’s joined market value at Rs 14.1 lakh crore or $189.3 billion.

RIL is the first Indian organization to cross the market cap of Rs 14 lakh crore and Friday’s surge was sufficient to race past US-based ExxonMobil which has an m-cap of $184.7 billion.

Globally, Saudi Aramco has the highest market cap of $1.75 trillion, followed by Apple ($1.6 trillion), Microsoft ($1.5 trillion), Amazon ($1.48 trillion), and Alphabet ($1.03 trillion).

Among energy organizations, Aramco tops in the list in global valuation, presently followed by Reliance.

No Indian organization has ever crossed an m-cap of Rs 14 lakh crore.

Reliance has additionally outperformed valuation of Chevron which has an m-cap of about $169 billion as well as preferences of Oracle, Unilever, Bank of China, BHP Group, Royal Dutch Shell, and SoftBank Group.

In Asia, Reliance is the 10th largest in market cap.

The Mukesh Ambani led organization is currently just below PepsiCo which has a market cap of $189.8 billion.

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