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“Relive” from Lauren Blake takes all your worries away with its relaxing beats



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With the release of her brand-new track “Relieve,” Lauren Blake has made a name for herself. The song became a huge success almost overnight. Fans of the genre are gushing about this new blockbuster hit all over the Internet. Lauren has been a musical sensation since the release of her debut single, “Relieve.”

Lauren, despite her model position, has demonstrated to her fans that she knows her way around music. She released an EP with three tracks this year. All of the songs on her EP are getting progressively popular. Her diverse heritage allows her to create music that is distinctive to her listeners.

Lauren worked closely with Rumor Records to ensure that “Relive” was beautifully created. Lauren and Rumor Records both done an excellent job in creating this very catchy track. Their hard work is evident when you consider how much better the party is as a result of the music.

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