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Republican Candidate John Anthony Castro Supports Renewable Energy Projects to Combat Climate Change



John Anthony Castro

The evidence for climate change is compelling, and it cannot be ignored. While it has become a heated topic for politicians, leaders must begin to look at the facts, specifically that we can do something about it before it is too late. While many people are intent on disputing the truth, real leaders look at facts explained by science and make decisions based on solutions for the long term. Republican candidate for U.S. Senate John Anthony Castro has long viewed renewable energy as a solution and supports that in his 2020 campaign. 

A renowned International Tax lawyer, Castro announced his campaign to run against incumbent Senator John Cornyn of Texas. He is now considering a second run in 2022. Castro is also strongly considering a presidential run in 2024 or 2028. With regard to climate change he explained, “I felt our leadership wasn’t doing enough to acknowledge the science behind climate change and pursue projects that would benefit both jobs and the environment in the long haul,” states Castro. “The energy sector deeply impacts Texas, and we owe our people progress and consistency on the issue.”

Tackling climate change as a Republican is a tricky one, but Castro isn’t afraid to do what is right. “Supporting renewable energy projects has everything to do with combating climate change while building a better world for the future,” explains Castro. “This, of course, includes a cleaner environment and more sustainable jobs. Sometimes we have to understand that science doesn’t care about party lines. Facts are facts.”

Texas is a state known for its energy industry, and Castro believes that while it may have started with oil and gas, Texas can continue to be a leader in energy as we move towards more sustainable solutions. “We have the knowledge and the expertise,” says Castro. “It’s about continuing with that leadership attitude and focusing our attention on the future.” Castro is hoping that the enthusiasm for renewable energy can be fueled by the understanding that embracing science isn’t the enemy. It’s the first step towards opportunity. 

“There is also the reality that as oil markets swing wildly around the world, it impacts our communities,” explains Castro. “The constant build-up and tear-down of jobs are unfair to our hardworking constituency, and it’s time to change that.” Renewable energy projects present opportunities in more ways than one. They open the door for more sustainable employment as we clean-up the environment and continue to meet our nation’s energy needs. John Anthony Castro’s campaign embraces that, and he excited to bring forth more progress combating climate change.


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