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Rewriting the Youtube marketing and SEO strategy – Here’s Realsubscribers



Youtube marketing and SEO strategy

YouTube is now challenging traditional television and has become a source of entertainment, news, current affairs, knowledge, product reviews as well as education. Everyone wants to become a Youtuber for any reason such as fame, money, or branding. But the competition is increasing rapidly for Youtubers and using automation on YouTube can be a real helping hand if you know how to use them properly.

And that’s why the number of creators on YouTube is increasing rapidly every year, everyone wants to be on the top of their niche, but only a handful are able to taste that kind of success as a YouTuber. And many of the buddings as well mediocre Youtubers wonder what sets those few YouTubers apart from the rest.

According to the co-founder and CEO of Mr.Washib Khan the crucial competitive advantage which differentiates top Youtubers from the normal ones is Youtube SEO i.e. search engine optimization of the videos of your Youtube channel for the Youtube search engine.

YouTube SEO is a blend of best practices of optimizing your Youtube channel and videos for achieving better rankings of the same, which will increase more views, watch time and ultimately result in getting more Youtube subscribers organically. In this article, we will unleash the most comprehensive tried and tested ways in which Youtubers can grow their Youtube channel through Youtube search engine optimization.

  • Finding relevant keywords through keyword research

First, let us understand what is meant by the term “keywords”. Keywords are the terms or phrases that your potential viewers use (type) to search in the Youtube search engine to watch videos of their choice. And if these keywords are already in your video assets ( explained later). There are various secret ways by which you can find these powerful keywords. The simplest way is through the YouTube search suggestion feature. Whenever the user types something in the Youtube search box, then the Youtube itself suggests some phrases just below the box, suggesting that these keywords have already got searched before and the user might be interested in any of these which might be similar/exact to his / her query, and for these already searched queries, the Youtube has already got the best result that satisfied the earlier users. All the suggested search terms appearing are the terms users are searching for. Just take these keywords for utilizing them in the video title, meta description, tags, content etc as these have already a good search volume. Another way to find powerful keywords is through your competitor’s best-performing videos. Using simple tools like vidIQ chrome extension / Tubebuddy you can spy on your competitors and uncover the keywords used in their videos. Another trick is to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find keywords with high search volume, low competition, and leverage according to the country.

  • Optimize video title, tags, meta description and content (Youtube Video Assets to rank superior)

After comprehensive keyword research, the next task is to use them strategically in the video title, tags, and meta description. Always speak your keywords in the audio of your content as Youtube search is ever-evolving and now with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing, and audio-video processing, Youtube scans the videos uploaded by the Youtubers up to a very minute level. This will definitely help in gaining a better ranking of the videos and can get you a better click-through rate (CTR). To begin with, it is crucial that you use your main keyword (focus keyword) in your video title and description right in the beginning. It helps the YouTube algorithm to better sort your videos with respect to the niche and associate your video with this keyword in the Youtube data center server. Now to maximize your click-through rate, you should always write a compelling title, for example, “5 YouTube SEO tricks you are MISSING out on!”, here, not only the title is creating a sense of urgency in the viewer’s mind but also the main keyword (Youtube SEO) is used at the beginning of the video. Apart from utilizing this keyword, use the possible variants in the video tags to help the YouTube algorithm better understand what your video is about. For example, “YouTube SEO”, “video SEO”, “video optimization” “Youtube search engine optimization” etc. Always use the keywords naturally otherwise it can lead to keyword stuffing and your videos might be penalized rather than have a good rank.

  • Focus on maximizing audience retention

Audience retention is the duration of video watched by viewers from the total duration of the video that is how the viewers are sticking to your video. It is crucial to try and keep audience retention as close to 100% as possible as videos that generate more watch time and tend to keep viewers on the Youtube platform for more time, rank better, and show up more often in the suggested videos box. This is because Youtube wants more and more watch time on its platform and the videos which help Youtube in getting its goal accomplished are rewarded with better ranking. Videos that have poor audience retention rank lower in the search engine of YouTube. Now, the million dollar question arises that how you can increase the watch time? Let us uncover few lesser-known tricks that can maximize audience retention. The first one is creating a video intro. Your video intro (summary) should be short, crisp, and highly engaging so that it hooks the viewer on your video. Secondly, keep your greetings to a minimum at the beginning of the video and quickly summarize the video and jump into the main content. Giving a quick summary of your video, in the beginning, lets a viewer know that they are at the right place and what they will get after watching this complete video. Finally, you can use pattern interrupts in your video to keep it from becoming boring and monotonous. It could be a simple change in an outfit or a zoom-in on a, particularly quirky expression.

  • Increase Interaction with your audience

Interacting with your audience results in better engagement in terms of likes, shares, comments, and subscribes. Better engagement reflects well with the YouTube algorithm and results in improvement of the ranking of your video in the search engine of YouTube. Hence, it is very essential and highly recommended to interact with your viewer base. You can do this by asking your viewers how they felt about the video in the comments section, or by asking them what else they would like to watch. Reply and like as many comments as possible. This not only makes your viewer base more loyal towards you but also increases the engagement ratio on your videos and hence, leads to better ranking.

  • Use the Closed Captions feature and Subtitles

Since YouTube’s roots have spread in almost every regional space, it provides another opportunity for the creators to expand their audience. This is where video subtitles come into action, adding subtitles in the most widely spoken languages, increases your chances for expanding your viewer base, as more people are at ease of understanding your video. Sometimes, we are in a public place and wish to watch a YouTube video but cannot, this is where closed captions come to rescue us. Closed captions not only provide the words being said in the video, but also distinguishes between the people speaking, change in their vocal tone, background music, etc., and anything else that is relevant to the story of the video and hence help the viewer to better understand the video. Closed captions also help in reaching the hearing-impaired audience. Both video subtitles and closed captions make the video-rich in keywords in yet another way and hence also contribute to improving the ranking of your videos.

Using these tricks will surely turn the winds in your favor and help you achieve a better ranking for your YouTube videos.

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