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Risk Taker & Dream Maker: The Life & Legacy of a Fearless Entrepreneur, Shadmaan Imam



Risk Taker Dream Maker The Life Legacy of a Fearless Entrepreneur Shadmaan Imam

New Delhi (India), April 5: It takes immense pleasure to make an official announcement by compiling a developing idea that would breach the gap of the chaotic daily task of car cleaning into an innovation that professional hands would serve at the customer’s doorstep; this innovative idea was introduced by Shadmaan Imam, Co-Founder of, the sharp and ingenious businessman, his competence is in technical and marketing expertise, his inherent essence has always been to fill the gap with brainstorming ideas that could serve with cost efficiency in easing daily hustle-bustle of life.

His ideas were embedded in his deep insight, dealing within the thin line of car maintenance and car care segment: transparency with pricing, quality assurance, and time consumption or turnaround time in getting one’s car serviced. DoorStepWash (DSW) is a part of Zixdo Technologies, an aggregator for car cleaning services. During a sales meeting in November 2021, the foundation of the idea was laid as a vision to make India’s most budgeted lucrative franchise model. Total Investment of as low as 1.75 Lakh, we aim to generate entrepreneurs with highly profitable activities and expand our wings of innovation to diversify in different areas at the same time.” would serve as an online platform where customer can book their car cleaning services online.  Including – Car detailing, Polishing, Headlight Restoration, Interior deep cleaning, and other additional services.

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