Sandeep Kumar’s journey from being a painter to becoming the very first “Best Pageant Director” award winner from Asia

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Sandeep Kumar is no stranger to the world of beauty pageants. He is the president and founder of 7 beauty pageants and modelling competitions that include Rubaru Mr. India, Rubaru Miss India Elite, Rubaru Mrs. India, Rubaru Mr and Miss Junior India, Miss Supermodel Worldwide, Mister Model Worldwide and Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide. He has taken the Indian pageant industry to a whole new level however, not many people know about the journey that he has covered to get to the place where he is today. Let us know about his journey that is a pure tale of persistence, perseverance, hard work and dedication.

Sandeep Kumar was born in the Indian state of Haryana. He began his journey as a painter and won 265 awards in Fine Arts category for his paintings. It was the year 2004, when he came up with the concept of Rubaru Group, a talent organization to promote young talent in his state. He began by organizing shows on regional level with participants from the city of Bahadurgarh only. The events were named – Rubaru Mr. Bahadurgarh and Rubaru Miss Bahadurgarh. The events were first of their kind to happen in Haryana and were very well received by the people. The following year, he received applications from other cities in Haryana that made him change the pageants’ names to Rubaru Mr. Haryana and Rubaru Miss Haryana. There very limited platforms for Indian men in the fashion world that time and Indian beauty pageant industry was blossoming, it all caused an unexpected increase in applications for participation in the year 2006 when entries from other states started to pour in. That made Kumar change the names of the contests to Rubaru Mr. North India and Rubaru Miss North India. As the participation from neighboring states grew, the pageant once again saw an increase in number of entries this time from the states that were far away from Haryana. Finally, in the year 2007, Kumar turned his pageants into national events. The pageants were renamed to Rubaru Mr. India and Rubaru Miss India Elite. Along with organizing these two events, he also organized a talent show for kids under the name Rubaru Mr. and Miss Junior India.

The year 2014 marked a turning point in his life. It was the very first time that two international beauty pageants formed association with Rubaru Group. The winners of Rubaru Mr. India 2014 – Pratik Virk and Rubaru Miss India Elite 2014 – Bhavyata Sharma, went on to represent India at two international pageants held in Dominican Republic and South Korea respectively. It was the same year, when Sandeep Kumar became the first Asian to be honored with “Best Pageant Director” award. He was honored with this prestigious title at the world finale of Mister Model International Pageant held in Dominican Republic. A few months later, he was again named the Best Pageant Director at the world finale of Supermodel International competition held in South Korea. Sandeep is the first and only person in the history of pageantry to receive Best Pageant Director award twice in the same year.

The year 2016 introduced a new milestone in his journey. It was the very first time that he brought two international beauty pageants to India. It was for the very first time that India hosted two international beauty pageants in history. Those pageants were Mister Model International and Supermodel International. The popularity and unexpectedly amazing response of these two events in India forced him to bring Supermodel International pageant back to India once again in the year 2017. He is also responsible for bringing Mister Model International Pageant to Asia.

After successfully hosting three international pageants in India, he also went ahead and brought Face of Beauty International pageant (an international pageant based in New Zealand) to India. It was the year 2017, when for the very first time India hosted Face of Beauty International pageant. The success of Face of Beauty International pageant in the year 2017 made him bring the pageant to India once again. So, in 2018, the Face of Beauty International pageant held in India for the second consecutive year.

In the year 2018, he created the very first international modelling competition in India. It was Miss Supermodel Worldwide. The same year, he also organized Mister Model Worldwide, the very first international male modelling competition based in South Asia. In 2019, he created yet another international beauty pageant. It was Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide. He is the founder and president of maximum number of beauty pageant events in Asia.

In the year 2019, he was elected Best Pageant Director again and that even twice. He was elected the Best Pageant Director at an international pageant in the Philippines and later, in Thailand. He also became the very first Indian to get honored with this prestigious title in the Philippines. It was also his second time that he won two best pageant director awards in the same year. In the year 2019, he was also honored at the Golden People Awards in Azerbaijan for his contributions to the beauty pageant sector. He is the first and only Indian person in the history to get felicitated in Azerbaijan.

Sandeep Kumar is the only Indian pageant director who has won multiple honors for his significant contribution to the beauty pageant sector. His journey from being a painter to changing the face of Indian pageantry seems like a dream however this dream was a reality.