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Santosh Sapkota: A Young Musical Artist And Entrepreneur



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Santosh Sapkota is a musical artist , entrepreneur , Digital markerter and celebrity manager. Santosh Sapkota  was born in the small village of Rupandehi, Nepal in 2nd April 1998 .Santosh Sapkota got involved in digital marketing and entrepreneurship as he was extremely interested in this field. Santosh Sapkota is also Social Media Manager, singer, and songwriter. 

Santosh Sapkot has inspired many youths to consider their unique talents and abilities and decide how they can use these to create digital media that others will take. He often says to create digital media you should always take note of your tools and resources that you have at your disposal and utilize them at your best. 

Santosh Sapkota started utilizing digital content to market his brand, he took some of the concepts of famous digital media experts and applied them to create his own business. He says, ‘The key to success is to create your own business from your unique ideas and use the concepts and tools that work best for you.

Santosh Sapkota is a young, determined, and visionary with a creative mind. His desire to do good for the country’s people and to have their brand led them to the path of Digital entrepreneurship.The young generation is believed to be the future of any nation. What our youths do will define the nation’s future. Nepal is one of the nations where the youngsters are shifting towards becoming a part of the digital entrepreneurial world with out-of-box Ideas.

Santosh Sapkota motivated youths to believe in your creativity and mission that will result in better work. Santosh Sapkota said Digital terms are small, In an emerging field there are large opportunities to define and discover best practices and new methods, you can be the expert and truly drive the initiative

Santosh Sapkota shared that you must think from the audience’s perspective, what information, value, or solution you offer through the digital media that you create. Everything you provide must be suitable for all audience and easily understandable and affordable.

This emerging star further states excellence in digital marketing in general is important, to increase your chances of success and participation, but reaching of excellence requires a lot of time effort and learning from the experience of others and testing more than one form of content and channels published on the internet to try to reach the optimal mix that achieves the best access and influence in your target customers

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