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Sasha Rodoy & Nicola Dowling: The modern compensation entrepreneurs



Sasha Rodoy Nicola Dowling The modern compensation entrepreneurs

Two jews redefine fake medical cases

We examined and discovered some stunning data about Sasha Rodoy after a whirlwind of articles have seemed reprimanding her internet-based put-downs of a particular community. The backlash came from all neighbourhood networks in the UK who viewed this as upsetting the harmony and wanted love and peace.

We embraced truth viewing of her:

  1. Sasha Rodoy is a rich individual from the Jew people group from London.
  2. Sasha has a set of experiences in stocks and trading in Britain.
  3. For multi million cash compensations, laser eye surgeries are the most generously compensated and if she can have an organization to blackmail cash from specialists, she can rake in boatloads of cash, as specialists are quiet and consistently powerless against counterfeit grumblings, a point in its own self for the following post.

Putting Digital Media for business

 To get exposure and be known to individuals, she recruited a top web group who kept her presence high by means of presence on profoundly unpredictable points outside the UK which would rapidly get high on the rankings of Google and simultaneously, be protected from the UK lawful issues.

Misusing the Power of Press

There actually was one missing piece, which was the requirement for good press support for plans inside the UK and to bundle her deeds clean, before she could bring in huge cash. This spot was filled in by her accomplice, Nicola Dowling, who is additionally conceivably from the Jew people group. Nicola Dowling is a radio writer with incredibly impressive press associations which are currently Sasha Rodoy’s business’ spine. It keeps her a star in all driving news dailies.

Instances of themes distributed in news even incorporate a canine gnawing Sasha Rodoy and her remaining external an eye center, other than counterfeit fresh insight about her having vision issues notwithstanding her being completely fine.

Game changing Extortion methods

Trained with a degree in psychology, Sasha Rodoy fostered an exceptional modus of operations. She would go to the leading laser eye clinics and offer to market, giving little choice of refusal, showcasing administrations, pitching her remarkable modus. Her modus proposal was not to promote her client but secretly pursue and obliterate their key rivals by massive defamation… how-basic yes how innovative!!

In the present web world, it was not difficult to track down essentially two or three patients for any facility that has posted an under 4-star survey. Sasha Rodoy would contact these patients and propose them the chance of making a great many pounds in pay in the event that they stuck to the script. She then mentors them on

– what to say,

– what to compose, and

– what to post via web-based entertainment and to the press.

Multifaceted Attack Strategy

She then, at that point, gets an arrangement marked and takes the full legal authority of the case, and afterward documents misleading bodies of evidence against the clinics. The nidus points are carefully crafted to be such that they can neither be proved nor disproved and in essence a person’s word against another. So, things that neither effectively be demonstrated correct, yet can undoubtedly be lied about.

Sasha has a board of legal counsellors and would shrewdly file cases in the pay courts in the legal advisor’s name, to the CQC in the patient’s name, and to the General Medical Council in her own name as she is very much associated with the GMC. The clinical panels tend to lean towards the patient’s assertion by and large and unfortunately poor vision can undoubtedly be faked, and many good actors have played the role of being blind.

Sasha was taken head-on by certain facilities and in one of the hearings with Optical Express, she conceded to charging one eye centre for web costs and cash. It is nevertheless clear that she was additionally getting commissions in the last pay-outs.

Why Target Laser Eye Surgeons

Sasha Rodoy Nicola Dowling The modern compensation entrepreneurs 4

Laser Eye specialists have extremely high protection cover, this thing was taken advantage of by Sasha Rodoy’s pack. She comes down on the protection/insurance firms to make weighty pay-outs as settlements instead of battling the legal disputes and compresses specialists to push their guarantors (a pressure built by filling of GMC cases). To ice the cake, her media and web groups kick in and distribute a wide range of phony stuff about the specialists and their own subtleties, extort them effectively with the apprehension about gigantic criticism and surrender without obstruction.

She then incites the facility proprietors by expounding on their own subtleties’ web based including even about their relationships, vehicles they drive, houses they own, places they visit, and even sports they play. She then, at that point, finds their virtual entertainment contacts, companions, and family and keeps in touch with every one of them about the phony claims, to come down on the facilities to settle or face the web-based individual slander assaults.

Multi Million Payouts

A normal payout is anywhere from half a million upto £2 million. Practically all are privately settled out of the courts and unexpectedly, in practically all, the patient is paid peanuts. Numerous patients have referenced in our examination that they were reached more than once by Sasha Rodoy and her group by different names, requesting that they give bogus proclamations, if they needed to bring in speedy cash.

Deep inroads in the GMC

The majority of specialists targeted are Asians or Africans, including Chinese. Claims to the GMC are done by the team Sasha Rodoy and Nicola Dowling and the case has highest chances of going into a hearing if a person like Nicola Dowling or Sasha Rodoy file it to the GMC, as they are well connected. Sasha Rodoy is so very much associated with the GMC’s legal group and shows off her colourful way of life, we were told. A great deal is also accessible on this on the web. 

Web & Online Bullying

Web based Bullying Strategy: Sasha Rodoy has been writing against some significant eye chains like Optical Express (demolished my life), Optimax (destroyed my sight), Accuvision, Advanced vision care. Strangely, we additionally figured out that there are two specific clinics and two laser eye specialists, that Sasha acclaims as the Gods of laser medical procedure, regardless of her professing to be against laser eye a medical procedure.

Sasha Rodoy – The Frank Abagnale of UK?

Sasha is a genius like Frank Abagnale (Catch me if you can), to dodge British law bodies. She claims to run a charity & fundraisers to help patients, and affirms that she has a company. We contacted all authorities. The charity commissioner and the fundraiser regulators have confirmed in writing that all her assertions are false and that not even one of Sasha Rodoy’s charities and/or fundraisers have been registered. Also, Sasha Rodoy and Nicola Dowling have no company registered in her name.

Fraud Charities and Titles like MBE

Sasha Rodoy falsely signs her title as MBE which she isn’t the least bit. As should be visible on the web, an enormous measure of Sasha’s payouts and earnings are invested back into her PR by means of disdain talks and hate missions. As a general rule, she isn’t in any event, helping some other Jew part or local community, and only a smart, polished hate monger. She knows how to make money, as did the cat of the “mouse & cheese” fame.

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