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Serial Entrepreneur Marco Calamassi Is Turning Social Following Into World Known Brands



Marco Calamassi

What are the differences between the USA and your birth country, Italy ?

I’ll try to not be too much cliche. Italian digital environment and the startups ecosystem is way more frugal and conservative than the American one but I see way more creativity and genius in Europe. The best would be to let ideas flow more, think more outside of the box like Europeans do….and fund them faster and better like Americans do.

Do you think Growth Hacking can be useful to small startups with limited funds ?

As I often say to everybody, Growth Hacking is not only useful to the startup environment. It was generated in that particular business sector as a consequence of limited resources, time and funds but it’s s now a common, widespread practice across any vertical, niche or sector. But yes, Growth hacking can be really beneficial to small startups and ventures allowing them to be “lean” ; and cash-flow-positive with all the matters related to the product development and marketing. It’s all about optimizing and maximizing the outcome.

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