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Simon Obas Interview: Author of The Grind



Simon Obas Interview: Author of The Grind

Simon Obas is the author of The Grind: Lessons From the Past, Wisdom from the Present.

The Grind is a book that helps people break out of their negative circumstances, escape a rut and start taking action.

Obas says he wrote the book for people who yearn for a more rewarding life.

In his book, Obas tries to help people believe in themselves and establish greater self-worth.

One of his strategies is to teach people how to establish better time management skills and maintain discipline.

Obas also encourages his readers to surround themselves with better people.

“I wrote The Grind because I had a story,” says Obas.

“The Grind is a book that can inspire people to escape their circumstances to grow up and become successful.”

Obas says he struggled with poverty when he was growing up.

“When we were kids, we were on food stamps,” saysObas.

Obas says his parents didn’t have a college degree, but they worked as hard as they could to provide for him and his nine siblings.

When it was time for Obas to go to college, he didn’t have any money. Despite that challenge, he still managed to get through it.

“I ended up going part-time while I was in college and I struggled,” says Obas.

Obas says that he was able to get through college because he lived by certain principles that allowed him to graduate.

“That’s what I put in my book,” says Obas.

“The story was written to inspire other people who are currently experiencing the same circumstances I did.”

My story is for everyone. It’s not just for people of colour,” says Obas.

Obas says the purpose of his book is to give people confidence in themselves as well as concrete tips to help them overcome challenges.

“My book says if you are hungry and you have grit and desire, that you can become successful,” says Obas.

On Christmas of 2014, Obas was at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and had an epiphany.

“I said wow: I’m in Paris on Christmas day, skating with my wife at the Eiffel tower. I still remember when my mom was buying me Payless shoes and I had to sit out a semester because I couldn’t afford to go to college.”

It was that story that inspired Obas to write The Grind.

“Obstacles don’t remain forever,” says Obas.

“When you are met with obstacles, you need to assess the situation and get through it. I look at the glass as half full and center myself.”

At the time, Obas was part of a team that opened a high school in The Bronx.

Obas says it’s important to feel comfortable approaching people for help when you’re stuck in life or facing a challenge.

Obas says the number one factor to overcome challenges is to focus on cultivating a positive mindset.

“I see every obstacle as an opportunity,” says Obas.

To purchase a copy of The Grind and learn more about Simon Obas, you can order his book here on Goodreads:

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