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St. Sava’s Day 2020: Who was Saint Sava? When is Saint Sava’s Day?



St. Sava's Day 2020

St. Sava’s Day is a working holiday in Serbia on January 27th every year. Otherwise called Spirituality Day, this day honors the patron saint and national legend of the Serbian individuals.

Saint Sava, known as the Enlightener, was a Serbian ruler and Orthodox priest, the first Archbishop of the autocephalous Serbian Church, the founder of Serbian law, and a diplomat. St. Sava, born as Rastko (Serbian Cyrillic: Растко), was the most youthful child of Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja (founder of the Nemanjić administration) and ruled the appanage of Hum briefly in 1190–92.

One of the greatest temples and family holidays set apart by the Orthodox Church and its adherents is Savindan or St. Sava’s Day. This date is praised by numerous tradespeople, and St. Sava is additionally articulated as schools’ patron Saint. Therefore, this day is devoted to the Serbian Saint and various plays are organized around educational foundations.

Vračar plateau, the area of the burning of his relics was utilized as the site of the Church of Saint Sava. Work started on the cathedral in 1930 and was just finished in 2004. Dominating Belgrade’s skyline, it is the biggest Orthodox church in Serbia, one of the biggest Eastern Orthodox churches and positions among the ten biggest church buildings in the world. The amazing dome looks like that of the Hagia Sophia, after which it had been displayed.

Mirroring his significance to the Orthodox Church, his feast day is additionally revered by Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians, and Russians. In Macedonia St. Sava’s Day is a religious holiday for individuals from the Serbian community.

St. Sava is the defender of the Serb individuals: he is revered as a defender of churches, families, schools, and artisans. The Serbian Orthodox Church worships him on January 27.

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