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Stamen Grigorov: Google Doodle celebrates the 142nd birthday of a Bulgarian physician who discovers Lactobacillus bulgaricus essential to yogurt and tuberculosis vaccine



Dr. Stamen Grigorov Д р Стамен Григоров 142nd birthday

Google celebrates the 142nd birthday of a famous Bulgarian physician and microbiologist Dr. Stamen Grigorov (Д-р Стамен Григоров), who found the Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacillus, which is the genuine reason for the presence of natural yogurt, with animated Doodle on October 27, 2020.

Who was Dr. Stamen Grigorov (Д-р Стамен Григоров)?

Dr. Stamen Grigorov Д р Стамен Григоров
Dr. Stamen Grigorov

Stamen Gigov Grigorov (Стамен Гигов Григоров) was born on October 27, 1878, in the town of Studen Izvor, situated in the Trun region of western Bulgaria. He was the first researcher to find the bacterium basic to the fermentation of yogurt. The discovery added to the improvement of the world’s first tuberculosis vaccine.

Dr. Stamen Grigorov (Д-р Стамен Григоров) finished his secondary education in natural sciences in Montpellier, France, and medical science in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1905, at 27 years old, Grigorov made the discovery, for which he is most popular. In the microbiological lab of Professor Léon Massol in Geneva, he found that a specific strain of bacillus is the genuine reason for the presence of natural yogurt.

Feeling inspired by this gift, and by yogurt’s long indicated health benefits, Dr. Stamen Grigorov examined the yogurt under a microscope and found a formerly unknown bacteria, presently traditionally called “Lactobacillus bulgaricus.”

With some testing, it was demonstrated that this bacteria is, in reality, liable for the fermentation of yogurt, which includes fermenting the lactose — sugar — into lactic acid, which gives yogurt its agreeably sour taste.

In acknowledgment, the strain was called by the scientific community Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Dr. Stamen Grigorov’s proceeded with a career in biology demonstrated a lot more uses for yogurt, remembering using the food in the treatment of tuberculosis. His work with penicillin likewise played a key function in a definitive improvement of a tuberculosis vaccine.

Aside from the revelation of Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Dr. Stamen Grigorov (Д-р Стамен Григоров) made a significant contribution to the formation of an anti-tuberculosis vaccine (the vaccine is the main work of Albert Calmette and Camille Guérin in the Institut Pasteur de Lille).

On 20 December 1906, in Paris in issue No. 104 of the “La Presse Médicale” clinical diary, his scientific report “The Anti-tuberculosis vaccine” was published, which educated established researchers about the results of his research into the use of penicillin fungi for the treatment of tuberculosis.

After the publication, the scientific community communicated genuine enthusiasm for Dr. Stamen Grigorov’s vaccine. Through his scientific experiments “in-vitro” and “in-vivo” on lab animals and later on human patients, Grigorov obviously exhibited and depicted the healing impact of penicillin fungi in the treatment of tuberculosis.

In the wake of getting back to Bulgaria to proceed with his work as a doctor, Dr. Stamen Grigorov passed on in 1945 on his 67th birthday.

Out of appreciation for Grigorov’s yogurt discovery, his hometown is home to one of the world’s only yogurt museums.

The town likewise held a yogurt celebration on the 110th anniversary of the discovery, which saw local people showing homemade yogurt and cheese.

Google Doodle on Dr. Stamen Grigorov’s 142nd Birthday

On October 27, 2020, Google observes Dr. Stamen Grigorov’s 142nd Birthday with an animated Doodle.

Google Doodle portrays Dr. Stamen Grigorov (Д-р Стамен Григоров) — an early, substitute sketch shows a fox-like character all things being equal — sitting down to eat an enormous bowl of the yogurt that he was most popular for. Surrounding him are examples of some of the delightful things you can mix into yogurt, from sweeter treats like berries to exquisite flavors like garlic.

In the interim, behind him, we see a simplified version of the way toward making yogurt. To start with, the milk is heated near boiling to guarantee curds don’t form. When it cools ease off somewhat, some of Dr. Stamen Grigorov’s discovery, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, is mixed in, kept warm, and permitted to ferment for a few hours. With that, you have yogurt!

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