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Startup Codeium Generative AI Coding Raises $65 Million



Startup Codeium Generative AI Coding Raises $65 Million

Codeium, a generative AI firm that helps with coding, has raised $65 million in a Series B fundraising round headed by Kleiner Perkins. With Codeium, you may write and edit software code on a platform that also has a chatbot to assist with program design and take care of the more laborious parts of coding. Based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model (LLM), the startup says its AI is similar to GitHub Copilot, the well-liked pair-programming assistance from Microsoft.


By cutting down on tedious work, Codeium’s generative AI coding assistant seeks to maximize developer efficiency and creativity. This frees engineers from tedious boilerplate and enables them to concentrate on novel, higher-value tasks. According to Codeium, for each of its 300,000 unique users, their system writes more than 40% of newly committed code. The proprietary models provide pertinent code for more than 70 programming languages by understanding the context of the software. Codeium integrates with business systems and analytics dashboards to provide organizations with strong security compliance and customisation that highlights ROI. In order to support other phases of software development, like system design and maintenance, Codeium intends to extend the platform.

Demand for generative AI-assisted coding is high. For example, Tabnine has been growing with the support of a $25 million funding round in November, while Hugging Face developed the Starcoder tool. But the majority of Codeium’s possible competition may come from GitHub Copilot and other tech behemoths like IBM’s Watsonx Code Assistant, Meta’s Code Llama, and Amazon’s CodeWhisperer.

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