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VC Funding for Indian Startups Declines 43% in January



VC Funding for Indian Startups Declines 43% in January

Venture capital (VC) funding for Indian businesses fell by 43% in January 2024, totaling $646 million, indicating a cautious start to the year. This amount is a substantial decrease from the $1.1 billion raised in January of the prior year. Even with the decline, the money is still significant given the continuous difficulties the startup sector faces.

When comparing on a quarterly basis, venture capital funding dropped by 21% in January 2023 compared to December 2023, when the total was $820 million. In January 2024, there were low expectations due to the backdrop of 2023, which saw a 53% reduction in total funding to $10.8 billion compared to 2022.

There were 98 deals in January, the majority of which were for early-stage fundraising, indicating that investors are still hesitant to write big checks. There were only seven transactions worth more than $20 million, the largest of which was $75 million that Vivifi Finance secured.

A bright spot surfaced in the midst of the general downturn: a new unicorn entered the Indian startup scene. In late January, Bhavish Aggarwal’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) business, Krutrim SI Designs, reached a $1 billion valuation. This demonstrates an increasing pattern of increased investor interest in AI-related firms.

Even though AI attracted more attention, the financial industry led the January VC funding charts, with software-as-a-service (SaaS) and AI following closely behind.

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