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Steps to use Google Maps Street View on desktop or mobile version



Google Maps Street View

Google Maps, with its satellite imagery, aerial photography and Street View has changed how individuals navigate. Street View is anything but difficult to track down on Maps, which means you need not depend a lot on GPS when you reach your destination.

Knowing the names of streets and general directions when you are set to reach someplace new can be very helpful.

Furthermore, the ability to see your destination and comprehend what the region around it resembles is significantly more accommodating.

Steps to use the desktop version of Google Maps Street View

You can use street view on both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Maps.

  • For those using the desktop version of Street View, they should begin by visiting
  • Next, click the search bar in the screen’s top-left corner and enter the name or address of the spot you wish to view.
  • At that point click and hold the person icon in the screen’s bottom-right corner and drag it to the spot you wish to see.
  • As the cursor is moved over the map, the streets will feature in blue, so guarantee the icon is set onto one of those to see the Street View.
  • To navigate in Street View, just click and drag to change the camera angle.
  • Another alternative is to tap a location down the street to move nearer to it.
  • You can likewise use the curved arrows around the compass icon in the screen’s bottom-left corner to adjust the direction of the camera.

Steps to use the mobile version of Google Maps Street View

Others will like to use the mobile Street View app to get familiar with the planned destination.

  • Start the procedure by opening the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Next, tap the search bar and info the name or address of the spot you wish to view.
  • Then click the small photograph box on the left side of the screen.
  • Clients will discover it naturally simple to navigate on the mobile version of Google Maps Street View.
  • Drag one finger over the screen, beginning the side you want to go toward and finishing on the opposite side of the screen.

Google Maps additionally recently launched an augmented reality Live View feature.

The smart feature can help you with navigating while walking.

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