Sunny Seth: The Next Big Step in Digital Marketing World and Ecosystem

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India has the second largest digital population in this world with an estimated digital penetration 40.6 percent. This important study makes India an attractive destination for digital transformation and growth.​ ​And ​catering to these new emerging digital trends, entrepreneurs like Sunny Seth are making it through with their detailed business plans and strategies to mark a revolution in the digital marketing world.
A renowned name in the field of digital marketing, Sunny is bringing advancement in the digital ecosystem by helping entrepreneurs expand their businesses through digital transformation and mediums. The increased competitiveness within the digital marketing industry makes it difficult for businesses and individuals to keep up with the changing circumstances and to understand the latest trends and strategies for business growth.
But individuals like Sunny have taken this as an opportunity to help entrepreneurs generate revenue through outstanding business strategies and plans. As an entrepreneur himself, Sunny started his journey of entrepreneurship in 2019 and never looked back since then. He describes his journey as exciting but filled with struggles and hardships but his perseverance and never-give-up attitude is what made him a successful digital entrepreneur.
Talking about his initial business days, he says, “ I always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur since I was in college. I came across a TEDx video on YouTube that inspired me to do something great and that’s what changed my life and I quit my job and now I am running a full-fledged digital marketing company on my own and am grateful to help aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses across the country to achieve their desired targets and results”.
Hailing from a banker family, Sunny also carried his family profession and joined a private bank but a zeal to do something different helped him create a niche for himself in the digital marketing world and today he has become one of the top digital entrepreneurs in the country.
It is enlightening to see young talents like Sunny representing India on Global platforms and making the county proud.