An Inspiring Journey of Dr. Gajendra Purohit – From being a Mathematics Tutor to a YouTuber!

From launching his YouTube channel to motivating students for cracking higher mathematics exams, Dr. Gajendra Purohit is now a bespoke educationist. The inspiring journey of Dr. Gajendra Purohit started in 2004, where he began teaching mathematics to students. Generally known as Dr. GP Sir among the students, he has been in the teaching field for almost two decades now. Currently, Dr. Purohit is working as a director in one of the renowned colleges in Udaipur, Pacific College of Basic & Applied Sciences. He has successfully cracked CSIR-NET Mathematics and was awarded PhD in Mathematics in the year 2009. Belonging from a small village near Pratapgarh, Dr. GP completed his schooling from a government school and college from MB Science College, Udaipur (University College Of Science-Maharana Bhupal Campus).

What followed next was his tremendous effort towards teaching mathematics to students, which is such a daunting subject. Being brilliant in the subject himself, he forayed his way into the world of teaching through one of the biggest social media platforms – YouTube. He is having more than 4 Lakh subscribers on YouTube and his videos have received more than 30 million views on his educational videos. Initially, Gajendra had a coaching centre in Udaipur where he educated engineering students. He started teaching online on YouTube in 2018 because there were a lot of students who couldn’t pay the coaching fee.

His YouTube channel slowly grabbed a lot of attention where students praise and thank him immensely for his in-depth teaching and practical implementation of mathematics. Recognizably, he has a high success rate on YouTube, where 95% of students have arguably cracked the exams from learning through his videos. Free of cost videos have been provided to students all over India. Students have vigorously messaged him on YouTube to ask a number of questions related to mathematics. Also, they let him know about their good results and marks achieved by studying through his platform. Dr. Gajendra Purohit is also a Top Educator on Unacademy (online education platform) for CSIR-NET Mathematics since November 2019, where 200 students have qualified CSIR-NET Mathematics under his supervision and training program.

Mr. Purohit is a top educator in Unacademy and is profoundly recognized for teaching CSIR-NET Mathematics. At present, he has 25,000 followers on Unacademy. He teaches 60 hours on Unacademy and 25 hours on Snapsolve. His USP is to focus more on problem-solving skills and works towards the end goal of practical application. The teaching method of Dr. Gajendra is to emphasize mathematics and its application and how one can solve questions with the help of the application. Make students understand a problem easily with practical application is what he does best! Dr. Gajendra actively promotes practising the material to make a habit out of it ultimately. He teaches CSIR-NET, IIT-JAM, and GATE; and gives coaching for higher mathematics. “Tips and Tricks with Questions – CSIR-NET / JRF Mathematics” is a book written by Dr. Gajendra Purohit, published in September 2020. Around 10,000 copies have been sold till now, receiving a fantastic response alongside.

It is a bestseller book on Amazon right now. Five Students have successfully done a PhD under his guidance. Gajendra has published 15 National and International research papers and journals under his name that has received enthusiastic approval. He is also a career counsellor and public speaker where he solves students’ dilemmas and motivates them to go ahead with mathematics. Dr. Gajendra Purohit is now working towards developing a forum where students can get hold of test papers, PDF notes, old question papers, important links and more. Here, students can ask their doubts and get reference material to qualify in their examinations. Mr. Purohit wants to bring visual teaching into existence where students can learn mathematics from flow charts and diagrams.

Ultimately, he wants to change the teaching method so that students can learn practically. In the next five years, he wants to launch an app where students can share their queries and interact with him personally to practically learn mathematics. Students who are not financially stable can learn mathematics from this free-cost platform. After starting teaching mathematics, he never looked back. Belonging from a village and a Hindi-medium school, Mr. Gajendra Purohit excelled in the field of mathematics. He religiously wants to spread the message that being from a village background doesn’t mean that you cannot accomplish something or make your name in a particular field.

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