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The Journey of Forever Alok Ft. Simply Fit.



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It is interesting to see the number of people going towards creating a personal brand and then failing miserably and then not trying again. People are afraid to accept failures and only want success in every domain. The most underestimated trait of humans is a lack of self-belief.

I am Kaustav, and SOSocial started as a freelance marketing agency but soon shifted its core focus towards spreading education through informative youtube videos and podcasts where we discuss failures, challenges, entrepreneurship, and growth. Also sharing fitness and travel insights through another youtube channel (Simply Fit)

This Episode is one of the major highlights for us at SOSocial Learn, as it covers the story of our friend and Founder & CEO of Forever Media, Mr. Alok Jha or Forever Alok.

As we started with the interview, Alok told us about an Epiphany that occurred when he met with an unfortunate accident and had to reshape his thinking about his career and future work opportunities. Rather than acting as a team member, he wanted to be his boss and wanted to start his own company. Today after 1.5 years, he is successfully running it and scaling it as well.

As we further proceeded, we discovered about the education system and how it restricts people following the same path and answer challenges and take risks regarding career decisions. People face a dilemma when it comes to choosing between corporates, or starting a startup. Risk is high but are you willing to take it one at a time and not overstress yourself with big inflated goals.

‘What are your tips to budding entrepreneurs, marketing people, and any important lessons you want to share?’ I asked, and Alok came with the perfect answer, the X factor. To start something is a tedious task, we should often prepare ourselves in a much better way first and then announce it around the world. Often people feel that they are ready to take on the world without any skills, eventually leading to a negative downfall. According to Alok Bhai, focusing on skill-building and keeping your confidence about your dreams high will help to move along this journey of Entrepreneurship.

‘What are some of the important lessons you have learned in this journey?’ Remembering the perfect dialogue from Scam 1992, Alok replied Risk hai to Ishq hai! We as people are scared to take on challenges as we discussed earlier. The second and the most important point was about people being non-supportive. We tend to rise together in unity whenever we have to hate someone or abuse someone but nobody comes forward in support when people require it. Along his journey, Alok faced a lot of haters and was even made fun of because of his dreams. He admitted that it affected him but the realization that his skillset, his hunger to grow and succeed was much more important. I know him and this journey has beautifully transformed from people’s hatred to creating a fan base.

We laughed as we discussed our adventurous college life. To end the interview, it was important to ask him this question. “What is growth according to you?” I asked. Very honestly, Alok said to work on something that has my mind and focus and learning and earning through my passion.

 He described how he overcame hatred and societal pressure and continued to focus on building his dreams and making his name truly Forever.

To end this podcast, I would like to write about the journey I have seen about a boy who liked fame and wanted to be everywhere but changed his path, worked hard, and made a name based on his skills. From the first year bubbly, dancing Forever Alok to becoming Entrepreneur Forever Alok is one hell of a ride. Hopefully, people learn from this and start focussing on building their skills and the following passion.

From one failure to another, signing off, Kaustav Sharma aka Simply Fit.

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